Interview with Lenovo Mobile Chen Xudong I hope to grab the market share of apple and Samsung two or-thinkpad s230u


Interview with Chen Xudong: Lenovo Mobile hope that after two or three years from apple and Samsung grabbed the hands of the market share of Lenovo Mobile Technology Tencent Wang Pan released a modular mobile phone Moto Z yesterday in Beijing, in the course of the conference, vice president of Lenovo Group Chang Cheng played PPT display, Moto Z Mobile phone can charge 15 minutes, 6 hours of use". After the conference, senior vice president of Lenovo Group, vice president of mobile business group co President Chen Xudong and Lenovo Chang Cheng told the Tencent in science and technology and other media interview, asked about this slogan and OPPO flagship mobile phone ads charge in 5 minutes, two hours of talk "what is the difference, two people instantly froze. Chang Cheng quickly explained that the "call" and "use" is a different concept, because the "call" when the screen out, a lot less power consumption. We are talking about the use of 6 hours, including the brush WeChat, micro-blog, answer the phone, back to text messages, the screen is often bright, the scene is closer to the real scene in life." Chen Xudong also added that the team did not take into account the fact that this point, ordinary consumers simply do not understand the "call" and "use" is a different concept. From this point can be seen, OPPO understand consumer psychology. We do not have a good grasp of consumer psychology. Because consumers do not understand the difference between the two, they used this to mix the past." Hoping to snatch Apple Samsung users in the first half of this year, with the release of the ZUK Z2 Z2 Pro, Lenovo has invested more in the promotion of the above budget, online and offline want to build their own positions in the line of the ZUK. After the release of Moto Z, its promotion efforts will continue to increase, the second half of Lenovo Mobile will also push this product. Wang Feng, vice president of Lenovo Group (micro-blog) said that in terms of Moto marketing, Lenovo will expand faster than the ZUK series. For example, under the promotion of the ZUK, Moto Z will be like the same as the projection academy, and coverage, breadth and time longer. In the airport’s big, big business district will also put Moto Z. Unlike ZUK lies in, Lenovo will in the main waiting room for a second tier city promotion, coverage rate is also very high. However, Lenovo, OPPO, HUAWEI did not learn vivo and Jin invited star spokesperson, Chen Xudong said earlier, the majority of domestic machine now invite celebrity endorsements the lack of features, Lenovo will not star endorsement. It is reported that Lenovo Mobile strategy for the next two years is "product, brand, channel" three arrows, no one can neglect. Even if the release of the Moto Z modular mobile phone products, its brand building, promotion channels equally important. Chen Xudong believes that Lenovo is currently the biggest advantage in the product, as long as the good at this point, then the brand and channel these two short board fill up, the future will have a good future. "The current competition in the mobile phone market has entered a very white degree, not a vendor can dominate. Now many channels of advertising has been basically mobile phone manufacturers package, a lot of star endorsements are also mobile phone manufacturers package." Chen Xudong said, mobile phone相关的主题文章: