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The failure of the resident identity card information system running security of personal information security – Beijing, Beijing, October 6 Xinhua (reporter Wang Haokui) according to the bank staff to carry out witnesses consistency verification is difficult to distinguish whether the identity card failure and the loss of stolen identities to be fraudulent and other issues, the Ministry of public security vice minister and deputy party secretary Huang Ming said on the 6 the Ministry of public security, has completed the failure of resident identity card information system and the on-line test run recently, will be provided to all social credit departments in the bank after the pilot, for the network check and Citizenhood existing information system. According to reports, the failure of the resident identity card information system has the function of maintaining data updated in real time and dynamic, through various social credit departments and units of the network check, all lost or stolen identity card instant failure. Huang Ming said that the use of the environment to create a safe code of identity card, the social use of the card department and the unit is the key link. The Ministry of public security will further deepen the linkage mechanism and social sector card, fraudulent use of identity establishment personnel blacklist system, increase the use of illegal crime prevention efforts to combat, the sound does not perform witnesses consistency verification responsibilities of credit unit accountability, strengthen the protection of personal information security of citizens.相关的主题文章: