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IOS 10 to make the world a large number of users of Apple Devices bricks, a public apology and repair of Tencent technology news Beijing on September 14th morning, apple began to face the world push iOS devices iOS 10 version of the operating system, but the new system there is a technical failure, resulting in a large number of users of the iOS device into the "brick" cannot be used. Apple publicly apologized and said the emergency repair of this vulnerability. According to the BBC report, Twitter in the global social network, many Apple users have become the "bricks" problem after talking about upgrading the system, but Apple official said, this problem affects only a small number of users. "During the software upgrade, we had a brief problem that affected a small number of users in the first hour of the push," a Apple Corp spokesman said in a statement. This problem has been solved quickly, we apologize to the affected consumers." Apple said that all affected users should be connected to the iTunes to complete the system upgrade, or contact Apple after-sales service for help. According to the U.S. financial media CNBC reported that, according to Apple users complain on the social network, some users to upgrade to the iOS system, was forced into the recovery mode (Recovery). Apple’s team recommends that users connect to iTunes software on their phones to repair, but many mobile phone users do not have access to the internet. IOS 10 operating system to integrate some of the apple before the launch of the update, Apple also chat tools, photo tools, etc.. Another voice assistant Siri function has been expanded, you can connect third party applications, such as Uber or Pinterest. Apple CEO Cook said before, iOS 10 is a very important system upgrade. On the Twitter site, a large number of users complain that the new system makes the phone into a brick". One of them, called "Trace Ledgard", said: "don’t upgrade to iOS 10, unless you want to turn the $650 iPhone into a brick." According to the U.S. technology news site VentureBeat reported that in addition to connect the computer iTunes software, another way to solve this problem is OTA upgrade, but for some new users of this method is also not easy. According to reports, many users encounter trouble to see a so-called Error 53 in the iOS tips, and this hint and apple mobile phone fingerprint sensor has a relationship. Apple’s official did not explain in detail the specific problems in the upgrade package. This is not the first time Apple upgraded the operating system when the user’s device into a brick. 2011, Apple Corp launched a iOS5 upgrade package, but then the user suffered a lot of trouble. In addition to an upgrade in February this year, if the user equipment is outside the apple company repair, in this upgrade will become unable to use bricks, so Apple faced consumer criticism. At the beginning of the year, Apple had a strange.相关的主题文章: