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IPhone 7 big Foxconn smiled, foundry King walking in the way of transformation of science and technology – Sohu [Technews] new technology apple a new generation of intelligent mobile phone iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has been officially listed, recently, Apple Corp said, no appointment consumers directly to the store to buy the iPhone 7 will be out of stock, and bright black iPhone 7 and all colors iPhone 7 Plus has been in the stage of reservation sold out, there is no inventory. The unpopular sales situation naturally makes Apple happy, in addition, apple factory Foxconn is keen to see the apple mobile phone sales. As the first generation of iPhone mobile phone factory, Foxconn’s revenue comes from Apple’s orders, so Apple’s mobile phone sales impact on Foxconn huge. 2014 – Apple CEO Cook visits Zhengzhou Foxconn factory (Source: xinhuanet.com – Dahe) the first 7 months of this year, Foxconn’s parent have revenues for the 5 months of negative growth, the industry believes that this is mainly due to poor sales of iPhone mobile phone market. King of the OEM Foxconn walking in the transformation way of domestic trouble and foreign invasion, now, iPhone 7 series of mobile phone hot market for apple and Foxconn’s new development opportunities. However, in the domestic trouble and foreign invasion under the impact of Foxconn on Apple development era will become the past. Thanks to the OEM NOKIA and apple and other mobile phone giant, Foxconn has become the world’s electronic foundry king. However, affected by the "Exploitation" Apple suppliers, intelligent mobile phone market slowdown and other factors, Foxconn profits, survival difficult, this is the foreign aggression. Both rely on the mainland market, earlier, labor dividends, Foxconn can produce large amounts of products, and the cost of control, so that even if Apple low prices of suppliers, Foxconn also has room for money. In recent years, the rapid rise in labor costs, the cost of human development in Foxconn, pressure to follow. Coupled with the large number of employees of the factory (media reports, in 2013 the number of Foxconn employees more than 120), Foxconn is facing the challenge of management, this is another major concern. Under the impact of internal and external factors, Foxconn needs to embark on a path to get rid of dependence on apple, reduce the cost of employing the transformation of the road. In recent years, Foxconn’s dynamic point of view, the automotive and industrial robots are the two directions of the transformation of Foxconn. Do not build the vehicle, Foxconn around the car to force Foxconn itself has the automotive industry OEM base, in recent years, around the automotive field, Foxconn began to force. In March 2015, Foxconn and Tencent, set up a harmonious harmonious automobile Futeng company, officially entered the ranks of the Internet repairer. At that time, Foxconn said it would not build the vehicle, but will force the car in the control panel, a supplier of automotive manufacturers. Foxconn believes that cut into the car in the control panel market is more cost-effective than the vehicle. Because cars market play limited, but in the era of intelligent vehicle, newspaper相关的主题文章: