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IPhone 7S will adopt a new design – Digital Sohu cautious buy beggar www.yinwowo.com


IPhone 7S will adopt a new design – Sohu [digital cautious buy beggar version of mobile phone Chinese news] iPhone 77 Plus really brought us many new elements, such as waterproof and dustproof, double lens, but far from reaching our expectations of apple. Many people are waiting for the 2017 version of the iPhone, after all, this will be the ten anniversary of iPhone, is expected to be a big move. For the new product we call iPhone 7S, renowned analyst Guo Mingchi brings a good news and bad news. IPhone concept map Guo Mingchi revealed that the 2017 edition of the iPhone will adopt a new design, both before and after the glass, equipped with more beautiful than the stainless steel frame. At first glance, the feeling is basically old news before, and the same old stuff? Continue to look down, the key is Guo Mingchi mentioned, iPhone will further enhance the ability of anti scratch. This year’s iPhone 7 bright black fire, but accidentally scratched on the really plug. IPhone 7S if you can solve this problem, really good. But there’s one bad news. We know that apple iPhone 7 were treated differently, the beggar version of iPhone 7 is not bright black. This tradition will be inherited by Apple iPhone 7S, high-capacity version of the iPhone 7S will have stainless steel frame, beggar version of the tragedy. It seems that this is a bad apple can not stop……相关的主题文章: