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Fashion-Style One of the hottest and some would say craziest young brands of foot wear that the United Kingdom has ever seen .es from a city long known for its out there and wild image, the sea side resort town of Brighton. The shoe brand is called Irregular choice and this summer it is the shoe brand to be seen in as its products are selling out all over the United Kingdom and on continental Europe as well. After more than ten years of being around, the brand has truly hit the big time this year as the new decade starts. Irregular choice was the brain child or rather a brain storm of well known British designer as well as serial entrepreneur Dan Sullivan. He was bored with most of the products that were available in the world of high fashion foot wear and he decided to put his own irregular stamp on the world of designer shoes. With this in mind he started his .pany from the city on the southern coast of England that has for a long time had a reputation as one of the hubs of the arts and cultural as well as the design scene in England. Dan Sullivan started the .pany at the very end of the last millennium in nineteen Hundred and ninety nine and now more than a decade later, when the .pany is just about to enter its teenage years, the .pany is seeing the most success and indeed recognition that it has ever witnessed. This is due to the fact that despite the fact that the .pany is more than a decade old, it is still one of the youngest .panies in the world of fashion foot wear and is still seen by most of the larger and more well established brands on the market as the scrappy young upstart with an attitude. That is the way that Dan Sullivan likes it. In more than ten years the brand has lost none of its edge and its collection of shoes for the spring summer fashion season of two thousand and eleven is crazier and more adventurous than ever. For people who like to be right on the cutting edge of fashion and for women who are not afraid in the least of boldly experimenting with fashion, Irregular choice is the brand to be seen in, in the summer of two thousand and eleven. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: