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Is there any discussion about Zhao Benshan’s daughter? She took her father to do a live broadcast, a night earned 4 million 440 thousand! It is the uncle’s daughter, is the debut of a ray of light. The first is a network of red scare people eat melon at a loss she was only 19 years old, now is not the age threshold of cosmetic surgery? Then please be on "every day" recorded with Wang Han hall, and by the way Milo told him, I called you the ball with my sister society, read aloud to hear what…… On the show, the little girl said he was studying fashion design and marketing, well, see thick is the beginner stage…… Look in her baseball uniform design Chen Xuedong, pony, don’t talk to a girl about his, however, in the eyes of the public, the little girl hard to learn those who have not? Clearly in the broadcast platform play fast, a live can earn 880 thousand! Conversion is that one minute earned you a month’s wages, one hour can buy a suite of two or three lines of the city! So, what did she do live broadcast? Simple speaking, speaking in a special eight northeast to talk to you about being Tucao Laoke, feel, do you talk about her tooth audience also occasionally have big tie wherever he goes, Song Xiaobao ah Yue Yunpeng ah, 26 cucumber and live a lot to open in April this year, up to now less than half a year, had been under the "20 thousand and 160 network anchor" title. Another is a conversion, just graduated from the University of new workplace, when the water supply in the same period in the end of my colleagues are still tea, she has become the representative of China hahahaha yesterday evening broadcast, ball sister enlarged move, with her father with appearance, then all cars start flying     remind friends, do not care about the white haired uncle, please focus on the upper left corner of the figure. That is the sister of the ball to get the votes, with the yuan in accordance with the 32:1 exchange, this math problem is difficult? Can not find the number of votes last night, the final number of votes, to more than 100 million of the votes to be counted, about four million soft sister money pots friends! A few hours! Say! Think of the famous program on the ball sister, do not rely on Dad, I fell into a new round of meditation……     more exciting content please pay attention @ Sina micro plastic [micro-blog]相关的主题文章: