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ISIS forced small fans tore up the imperial cavalry emblem defy 80 lashes real badge was tore up the sina sports news according to reports in Spain, a young Iraqi young fan named Ishmael, because wearing a Real Madrid shirt, ISIS was forced off the chest of Real Madrid team logo, or face 80 times the punishment of flogging. According to the Spanish 0Antena 3 news, the Ishmael small fans escaped from the ISIS control area, he said ISIS forced him to tear his chest real badge, he also confirmed the existence of ISIS with 80 lashes once severely punished. The "mirror" of the news, Iraqi terrorist organization Al-Furat area, ISIS group was banned by local residents, not wearing a shirt all over the world, including like Real Madrid and Barcelona are not allowed to wear the shirt. There are several Premier League teams, such as Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City have also been banned. It is reported that, ISIS also against the two major sports brands: Nike and Adidas. These two brands of clothing are not allowed to appear, which also means that these sports brand sponsorship jerseys, has also been banned by the ISIS. In addition, AC Milan, England, Germany, the French team’s shirts are also banned. Related: ISIS! Residents are forbidden to wear Real Madrid Barcelona Jersey violators 80 (flat) caning相关的主题文章: