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Jia Yinghua "Lecture Room" Puyi life secret: why nervous? Beijing – Chen Huiwen Puyi’s mother why Dutch act? Why should treasure Puyi selling "kushu" and Jinbianzhong? PuYi and even the late Qing Dynasty, the six generation of Han nationality? PuYi side really Japanese undercover? The old toffee is how from "Taiwan" to calculate the imperial end…… PuYi is a legendary figure in history, three times in his life called "emperor", was eventually transformed into ordinary citizens. However, there are still many secrets not disclosed in his life. In the late Qing Dynasty, Jia Yinghua, a scholar of the late Qing Dynasty, interviewed more than and 300 parties of Pu Yi in the late Qing Dynasty, and had a personal contact with puyi. Some respondents not only signature, but also with photos of the respondents. Even for some important characters, such as PuYi, PuYi’s younger brother Pu Jie Yun and his sister?, PuYi four brothers run Qi Pu Ren, PuYi, Yu Yu nephew?     other royal representatives and the last eunuch Sun Yaoting and other historical parties, for audio and video. Audio and video recording hundreds of hours now, keep extremely precious historical data. In addition, Jia Yinghua collected over the years and a collection of cultural relics and a large number of photos of Pu yi. Artifacts can speak, and more accurate. For example, Pu Yi wrote nine letters (letters and stamps and stamp envelopes containing handwriting etc.) and medical records, glasses and Pu Yi Pu Yi’s Aixinjueluo, Pu Yi’s original genealogy, personally used mirror, Pu Yi "throne" issued stamps, as well as the year of the Chinese Li Fan Printed Mongolian original edict of Xuantong sequestered. Jia Yinghua collected all the medical records of Pu Yi and a variety of versions of the "half of my life" by the. This provides reliable first-hand data for the Jia Yinghua comb Puyi life. The evolution of the various versions, also reflect the changes before and after Puyi knowledge about history and its. Again, Jia Yinghua is also a collection of relevant books of the Republic of China since the late Qing Dynasty, Pu Yi and the domestic and foreign magazines and newspapers, and a collection of hundreds of hundred years of the late Qing Dynasty and the characters of the foreigners write Puyi foreign language books. These factors add up to is the heavy "you don’t know" poyi. The book is the last year in the CCTV "Lecture Room" broadcast and making higher ratings "you don’t know," Pu Yi text, supplemented four episodes, recorded from birth, to the throne Puyi palace to escape from Tianjin during the real secret. "Now you don’t know" the second part, Puyi once again into the "Lecture Room", this time, Jia Yinghua will tell us what the new historical details? Why PuYi’s neurotic last emperor PuYi’s life, ups and downs, the legendary. He became three years old, a lifetime of three times called "emperor", after the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, the northern warlords, the puppet Manchuria government, stranded in the Soviet Union, and returned after the transformation, become ordinary citizens themselves in the new China. His record of a "unprecedented" and amazing miracles in history, it is the epitome of the evolution history of one hundred years since the late Qing dynasty. How to evaluate the Poyi? It can be said that he is a legend, but also the text相关的主题文章: