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Jiaduobao or internal terminal investment contraction and the decline in sales layoffs douke


Jiaduobao or internal input terminal layoffs and sales fell into trouble jiaduobao atrophy? Input terminal sales volume shrinking, strop snow recently, a number of media reports of the jiaduobao internal layoffs. At the same time, the voice of discontent from the terminal market, so that the representative of this herbal tea industry is experiencing an unprecedented brand of trouble. Terminal input terminal is considered to be a decline in sales shrinking consumer goods brand sales goal, but the jiaduobao terminal maintenance capacity is rapidly decreased. "Jiaduobao changes over the past few years, the brand maintenance investment is much less." Beijing, a large business super head to the China business reporter, said, so there has been a significant decline in sales." The source explained previous JDB marketing activities, marketing and promotion are very active, and this year the terminal investment declined by 50% to 60%. The food industry analyst Zhu Dan Peng is also concerned about the jiaduobao terminal a series of changes, "I bought a pot of herbal tea JDB in large first-tier cities traffic road recently, this time is October, but the tea production date is March 25th of this year, sales of the brand visible and is not very ideal." For this phenomenon, the large business responsible person said, "this shows that jiaduobao inventory turnover has been very slow." The person said, "it seems from our sales, sales are shrinking significantly jiaduobao. This year, sales fell nearly 20%." Zhu Danpeng also asked the terminal sales promotion status, "said some jiaduobao terminal vendors, jiaduobao past market personnel every two or three days will be a terminal, then four or five days a week, now have disappeared." "It can be said JDB decreased a lot in the maintenance of the brand into the terminal." Zhu Danpeng said. According to Nielsen released 2014, the herbal tea industry market data shows that in the canned herbal tea industry, Kata Boryocha market share up to 62.1%, leading the herbal tea market. Since then, Chinese food industry association also released the 2015 annual beverage industry overall operation report, jiaduobao 52.1% sales market share is still ranked first in the market Chinese herbal tea industry. For sales in 2016, the reporter interviewed a number of people expressed concern. But the jiaduobao in response to interview with this reporter said, "near the new year and spring festival marketing, sales have been ahead of Kata Boryocha usher in a small climax, so the factory has full power, actively preparing for the new year and spring festival marketing, production decline and factory production is the so-called groundless statement." Advertising side, 2012 has started in 60 million, 200 million, 250 million, 300 million yuan for 4 consecutive years the title of "The Voice of China", 2016 jiaduobao choose exit. Jiaduobao said, 2015 JDB sales of over 20 billion yuan, in 2016 will continue to maintain two digit growth. Internal turmoil? From Gadobo’s great changes, we can see that Gadobo is not clear in terms of marketing policy, which has a relationship with the continuous loss of high-level executives of the existence of the relationship between the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and other countries in the world, there is no clear relationship between the government and the people of the world." Above the person in charge told reporters. Recently, media reports said, jiaduobao internal layoffs spread,.相关的主题文章: