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Ji’nan 15 year old girl birth story: maternal reversal has over 20 years of age the original title: "the 15 year old girl birth plot reversal: maternal full 20 year old boyfriend residence Shanghe Qilu news network October 28th (Shandong radio and television media information center reporter Wang Ying Han Xue) 26 days, there are media reports in traffic hospital of Shandong Province, called Li Xiaoran 15 year old young maternal cesarean section under the twin boys of the news, many users are very concerned about the young mother and two children today, reporters once again came to the hospital. A hospital staff revealed that the young mother is not claiming to be 15 years old, the actual age of more than and 20 years old. Reporters from the investigation of this incident the shadowless Hill police station at that age and 15 year old woman is different, the next step may be to give the police the woman measured bone age. According to the insiders claimed two people are not married, before coming to Ji’nan, they have been picking up garbage for a living in Beijing. Hav’e hospital security said the man for the maternal boyfriend, according to media reports, the girl’s boyfriend has been found, and then went on to do a record with the police. Hospital staff said the man yesterday brought 2 female relatives: one of the more than and 50 year old woman, claiming to be relatives, and the other is a pregnant woman, and now in the ward with maternal. A nurse who had seen her boyfriend, said the man is not tall, slim body. According to police investigators revealed that men and women are not married, household registration for Shanghe. Mother told the police that night to leave her boyfriend is to raise money.相关的主题文章: