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Movies-TV In this cut throat world everyone wants to get success along with speed in life. The generation X is the most affected segment of the society in this case. They are always in a hurry scurry haste to be an achiever. The increasing pace of the society left no space for entertainment in their life. Jo Hum Chahein movie is based on this previously mentioned theme. Pawan Gill is the owner of this film. The script has been moulded with accuracy and perfection to highlight the sentiments of today"s youth. The story of the movie revolves around a young couple. Both of them meet accidentally and fall for each other by chance. The urbanized background is used in the movie along with the conventional Indian shell in this movie so that the people can connect with the lifestyles of the duo and the present rapid change in our society. Sunny Gill and Simran Kaur Mundi are paired in the movie. Both of them did their debut in this cinema. As usual romantic script is the main asset of the movie. A bit .edy is also there to upgrade its entertainment level. Despite of all these, the movie was not able to do any magic on the Box office. Sometimes it is so monotonous that brings drowsiness for the viewers. By now Bollywood has gifted us a number of love stories time and again in its long run. Distinctiveness .es when the script represents loads of twists. This is exactly the thing that is missing in the movie with a diminishing charm. As per the story line, Jo Hum Chahein movie reviews were expected to be good initially which did not happen for the movie. The main character was Rohan Bhatia aka Sunny Gill, who is very ambitious and aspires to achieve all the possible triumph. He is a young guy of 24 years and an MBA graduate. Soon he gets a job of a stock broker in Mumbai to kick start his career as soon as probable. Neha Kapoor aka Simran Kaur Mundi is a beauty with brain model who desires to snatch the lime light of the Hindi movie industry. Both of the twosomes get smitten with each other as they .e in contact. In next to no time they revive into a new life after their coincident meeting. This movie projected each and almost every flavour of life. Be it depression, be it optimism everything is highlighted in the film. But the Jo Hum Chahein movie rating reflects a below average figure in spite of the masalas. It is therefore rated 2 out of 5 stars. The music of the movie is also not up to the mark and not .e up to scratch the audiences" interest. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: