Joe Chen is going to take 75 pills at a day love is going to eat medicine-pork face


Joe Chen is going to take 75 pills a day at: love medicine also will eat Joe Chen (map) artist Joe Chen debut 15 years, show the idol drama "I love you" decreed by fate hit a career in recent years, will be the cause of the focus moved to the mainland, the screen image is also more and more sexy, she said in an earlier interview the old fragment was dug up, in the film exposes himself because of physical condition is not very good, so "1 days to take 75 pills, it will carry a large bottle of the medicine tank. Joe Chen earlier in an interview, she in the film to show their bag items for the audience, in addition to a variety of cosmetics star necessary, she also took out a large pot of Chinese medicine, said his body is easy to edema, so a day to eat 75 pills, she said: "this tank medicine as 3 meals every day before going to bed to eat, eat 1 times, 1 times 15, when bedtime will eat to help sleep, 15 times 4 plus 15, how much is it? (after a few tips)! A total of 75." After that, she also took out a pile of medicine, in addition to traditional Chinese medicine, there are allergies, gastrointestinal drugs, and so on, and said: "I am very fond of taking medicine, but also very good medicine!" This film caused a lot of hot friends, said Joe Chen was shocked by the amount, but there are fans very distressed, the message said, when the artist is really not easy, goddess refueling!"相关的主题文章: