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Joint military R & D "Na SI system"   "blue parade" is expected to become a "normal blue" — Environmental Protection — 12 at 10:30 in the morning, China International Exhibition Center Hall 7, Dean of the Institute of chemical defense Chinese people’s Liberation Army called Xiaoping issued a "national air quality high resolution prediction and pollution control decision support system (NARS that is,") "Na SI system" results, which means that the near future, we are expected to make the "blue parade" into a "normal blue". Air pollution is affecting people’s daily lives and health and safety, how to get rid of the threat of air pollution, in the blue sky under the breath, has become a common concern of many atmospheric research stakeholders. This China by the people’s Liberation Army Institute of chemical defense led the United China Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Peking University, the National Meteorological Center and the Beijing Blue Technology Co. Ltd. and other units jointly developed by the researchers, a famous meteorologist, academician China Academy of Sciences researcher Ceng Qingcun guidance "Na SI system", by using the adjoint method to achieve a precise source of air pollution, can quickly and accurately calculate the contribution of different regions and different periods of each pollution source on the pollutant concentration rate, resolution of up to 1 to 3 kilometers. According to the calculation results, can be traced back to specific emission sources and its contribution to the cause of air pollution on the rate of rearrangement of enterprises and the main pollution source to cross, intermittent emission reduction or emission limits, to ensure air quality safety at the same time, also to ensure the economic benefit of society and enterprise. Institute of chemical defense Chinese people’s Liberation Army researcher, China Blue R & D team "Na SI system" of the core developers Huang Shunxiang told reporters that this with independent intellectual property rights of the air quality prediction and control of floating point capability super computing system up to 512 trillion times per second, every data flow of 50T, the realization of the 9 km, 3 km area the air quality of 3 to 7 days of rolling forecast, and real-time online prediction results released. Huang Shunxiang said, "Na SI system" is the crystallization of Chinese blue team of several years of hard work, it through the dynamic analysis on the air pollution control costs and social benefits, the dynamic optimal control plan is analyzed, put forward measures for emission reduction or dynamic emission limit is the main source of pollution, air pollution control, emergency the adjustment of industrial structure, industrial layout optimization scheme, the benefit maximization, cost minimization. In the future, the system can provide scientific decision support for emergency control. The day before, according to their "parade blue" are examples of simulation, the distribution of specific emission sources during the parade to the atmospheric pollution in Beijing area. Another difficulty of air pollution control is how to identify the enterprise’s stealing and discharging. At present, the blue team is developing unconventional emission source rapid identification and inversion technology, in order to allow the location of the enterprise and the real exhaust emission data glance. "Na SI system" is also trying to explore the effective path of development of civil military integration, its accuracy and treatment system of haze technology method is in the China people’s Liberation Army Institute of chemical defense CBRN hazard prediction and development theory, method and technology based on control, these achievements have won the National Technology Invention Prize two, two prize of national science and technology progress and the Army Science and technology progress award more than and 10)相关的主题文章: