Junior high school with a false paper policy easily cheat female doctor 520 thousand


Junior high school with a false paper policy easily cheat female doctor 52 in case of only a junior high school education level was dismissed insurance salesman, with a piece of false insurance policy will easily cheat a female doctor 520 thousand yuan premium". Today, Qiaokou District Court of first instance to contract fraud to the initiator of evil Luo sentenced to 11 years and fined 70 thousand yuan. In the case of public prosecution prosecutor reminded: in fact, prevention is very simple, the insurance company to ask a liar away. Leave the insurance online gambling lost money in red eye female doctor money male youth Luo, 29 years old, has worked in two insurance companies served as insurance salesman, 2014, because of the often late or early dismissal. Luo made when the insurance salesman to make a customer xu. Xu, a 28 year old woman, graduated from a key university in Wuhan, Department of English literature doctor, after a well-known training institutions as foreign language teaching. Xu in the hands of Luo did a few times after the financial business, the trust has added, as his long-term financial adviser". However, Luo did not treat her sincerely, the insurance company dismissed the matter has been hiding xu. After 2014, Luo involved in gambling, online gambling "lost all their savings. "Red eyes" Luo to point out the cost to regain lost belongings, greedy eyes on the simple "Dr. xu". Luo’s approach is not clever, is in concert bridge near the roadside stalls, someone Sike of an insurance company insurance contract 003 dedicated seal seal, with life insurance model made a few copies of fake insurance contract, and then find a sell the financial products. Luomou deceived Xu said that this is a new financial products, high rate of return, zero risk, it is recommended to buy a little more. Xu invested a few million savings. After the expiration, Luo has no money to pay the interest, it continues to lure Xu, that cast much, earn a few million, this interest is not too much, get back home is useless, as the interest into the new policy, plus some money to renew. Xu did not hesitate to believe that home to persuade her mother will pay the social security funds have been used to invest". In this way, Luomou with a new false insurance policy, not only also a high interest Xu, but also into the circle of more premium". Xu was in the dark, the number of "policy" on the rapid rise in the numbers, I find a good way to finance their wealth. Credulous female doctor cheated 520 thousand yuan financial commitment from July 2014 to August 2015, more than a year, Luo has ten times by this method and the victim Xu signed the insurance contract, the insurance defrauding funds amounted to 520 thousand yuan. By the time of the incident, Xu gave all of it to the Luo, but only received a gift of a few hundred dollars worth of commemorative coins, interest in the policy. Not only that, in Luo incites, Xu also recommended colleague Liu Luo to invest in financial products. Luomou defrauding Ryu 100 thousand yuan premium, but also defrauded another customer Choi $710 thousand. Fast forward to November 2015, a long time can not see some cash, Xu heart is not practical, many times to find Luomou to cash some cash. Luo total for various reasons to shirk. Over time,)相关的主题文章: