KMT people Taiwan has entered the political environment of Hitler visualboyadvance


The people of Taiwan has entered a new generation: Hitler political environment – China Taiwan network October 25th news according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the KMT Legislative Yuan today (25 days) in the "Legislative Yuan" on the sidelines held a press conference to protest "nomination of the president of the Judicial Yuan" and refused to vote again expressed Xu Zong Li3 italy. The KMT Legislative Yuan caucus total call Liao Guodong said that the KMT has repeatedly held a press conference today and take practical action to protest, but since Cai Yingwen took office, Taiwan has entered the Hitler and Wu Zetian’s political environment. Liao Guodong criticized Cai Yingwen, since the weekly meeting policy coordination, the criticism has never interrupted, polls also show that many people do not agree with this way of ruling. He said that from May 20th after authorities Cai established 25 agencies to "black hand", placed his hand to watch all of the civilian personnel, destruction of civil service system, "now Cai Yingwen and" Premier ", and now the" Legislative Yuan "manipulation" into a "centralized" development. Liao Guodong said that during the "judges" review, nominee Xu Zongli, Huang Ruiming, Xu Zhixiong, Huang Akimoto of law to be negative when answering with contempt, very despise attitude to face the "Legislative Yuan" members, "I was Cai Yingwen nominated you naiwo this attitude." there is no "justice" in height and bearing, completely incompetent "justice" and "vice president". Liao Guodong appealed to the chest, resist the "Legislative Yuan" into Cai Yingwen’s office of the Council, to maintain the "Legislative Yuan" dignity, no respect for the "Legislative Yuan" nominees rejected, cast a conscience vote. (Taiwan, China)相关的主题文章: