Kunming fire officers and soldiers rescued from drowning children from the death line; netizen-sichen


Kunming fire brigade said he rescued from death from drowning children users to "stick to brother" – public – people.com.cn Abstract August 27th at 16 PM, Guandu District of Kunming City Road Pavilion a child fell into the roadside water opening, missing. Public mobile phone video shots, Zhao Yunsong entered the water bridge search children cases. (for) 1 September, xinhuanet.com Kunming (Zhan Jingjing) in August 27th 16 PM, Guandu District of Kunming City Road Pavilion a child fell into the roadside water opening, missing. In all of the children’s "lost" and feel sorry for, Captain Kunming, Guandu fire brigade squadron Zhao pavilion cool by virtue of Chamaecyparis pisifera first aid knowledge and experience their own master, from the "death" in the hands of a young life saved. After Zhao Yunsong’s story was reported by the media, the netizen called him "insisting on the elder brother". In this regard, the rustic Zhao Yunsong said: "I did not think so much at that time, thinking that I must try my best to save it first." "I didn’t think much about it, save the people first." at 16 o’clock in August 27th, Zhao Yunsong and his comrades cleaned up in the camp. Suddenly the post office received a warning from the crowd that a child was near the water and asked for help. The child had little in a squadron camp 20 meters at the right side of the door, Zhao Yunsong and his comrades rushed to the scene immediately. "Next to the crowd, some people said that the child fell into the water and rushed to the rescue." Zhao Yunsong said, "I see that the water is calm, with experience, children may have hit the bottom." Time is life, just want to save Zhao Yunsong, no time to think about, he used a stick to try the water depth, even the clothes did not have time to take off, did not say two live off shoes jumped into the water, water up to his chin instantly save position, and then he closed the gas dive into the hole. It is understood that the child fell down the hole only 2 square meters, the water from the roof is only about 15 cm, once into the water search, ventilation is very difficult, but in order to determine the location of the drowning child as soon as possible, he must shut the gas sink groped, at the same time, because the bridge surrounding the construction site, there are a lot of underwater stone slag, difficult to find work. Fortunately, Zhao Yunsong dived in two or three meters and found the child who was sinking under the water. He closed the air and pulled the child from the hole to the hole. He helped the squadron boy on the road with the help of the squadron soldiers and the masses. "Hit 120 quickly, hit 120 quickly." Zhao Yunsong said to his comrades. The child was ashore, black in the face, the body is cold, motionless, not a breath, everyone thinks that the child has also whispered fraught with grim possibilities, unfortunately". Zhao Yunsong, who was soaked and exhausted, still did not give up. He carried out the rescue for his child by his first-aid knowledge and many years’ experience of rescue. Zhao Yunsong and his comrades laid their heads up and down on their legs. They used hands to clear the children’s foreign bodies in their nose and nose. Another soldier patted the child’s back gently. So it lasted for more than ten minutes to control the water. The child’s abdominal water was spitting out from the mouth, and the child gradually had faint breathing and slowly regained consciousness. Then, 120 medical personnel also arrived at the scene and sent the child to the hospital immediately. After that, Zhao Yunsong said, when he didn’t manage so much, he thought, "whatever it is, save the people first and try to do it." "I am also a father." what is the situation of children in the hospital now? What is the physical recovery? "These questions have been affecting Zhao Yunsong’s mind after the children have been sent to the hospital. 28 early in the morning, Zhao Yunsong came to the hospital with two soldiers. After the permission of the medical staff, Zhao Yunsong and his father entered the intensive care unit and saw the child lying on the sick bed. "His father pointed to me and said that this uncle saved you, and said some thanks, and the tears were turning in the eyes of the child." Zhao Yunsong said. After understanding, the rescued boy called Gon Freecss, 7 years old, is from Ludian, Zhaotong. During the Ludian earthquake, the house was damaged, and her parents took Gon Freecss to work in Kunming. Zhao Yunsong said that no matter whether Gon Freecss was crying because he was grateful for his help or missed his mother, he could see that when he saw the child could speak with open mouth, Zhao Yunsong’s heart finally dropped a lot. "Though I saved him, there was always a stem in my heart. I hope that the children will be able to recover their liveliness and recover their health, because their family is in the countryside, and I am also from the countryside. I hope their families will not be burdened with this matter." It is understood that at present, Gon Freecss’s body is gradually recovering. When Dad walks home every day, he will return the recovery of Gon Freecss to Zhao Yunsong when he passes through the pavilion squadron. "As long as the children can get better, I feel happy, I am a father, and I know this feeling." Zhao Yunsong said. The 30 year old Zhao Yunsong is Yunnan Dali, graduated from Yunnan Normal University, in June 2009 the army, the armed police captain rank, captain of the Kunming armed police detachment of Guandu City Fire Brigade squadron pavilion. According to the introduction, 8 years after entering the police, he has participated in fire fighting and all kinds of calamity accidents for more than 2000 times, and more than 90 people have been rescued successfully, saving thousands of yuan in property. In Zhao Yunsong’s career, he had experienced many emergency rescues. 2013 "7? 19" Kunming waterlogging occurs when, in an old district of Kunming Wan Hua Lu, an old man was trapped, due to the narrow road, kayak can not enter, Zhao Yunsong and his comrades waded into the house the old man rescued successfully. "The water is very deep, I am so tall, the water has sunk, then I and his comrades together, wearing a life jacket in the building, with ladders and other tools to save the old man." Zhao Yunsong said. Because of the excellent performance, Zhao Yunsong in the "8? 03" Zhaotong Ludian earthquake relief awarded "three." 1 times, in the "7? 19" Kunming city flood rescue by the Ministry of public security fire department in recognition of "flood advanced individual", 3 times by the fire department in recognition of "outstanding grassroots commander" 2, was the detachment in recognition of "outstanding communist". "If you choose once again, will choose the occupation" although it was an experienced "old soldier", but recalled the first time out of the police, "said Zhao Yunsong was a little nervous". Due to the special nature of the occupation, let Zhao Yunsong see a lot of "death", and these experiences let him have more views on life. "I think we all should cherish life and love life, especially with a heart of gratitude," he said. In 2011, Zhao Yunsong and his wife were married. Due to their working relationship, the two men were separated from each other after marriage. But their wives never complained, they always supported him behind them. Nowadays, he has a 4 and a half year old son and a 11 month old daughter. But he can go home only when he goes to visit relatives on vacation every year. Once he meets duty, sometimes he can’t even take a vacation to guarantee his family. For his wife, Zhao Yunsong has a lot of guilt. Let Zhao Yunsong feel most is more than 7 months pregnant wife, there is a weekend from Honghe Prefecture, Kunming car to see him, but he was not out of the police to the station to meet his wife, holding his son, holding their own luggage to camp. "She’s just putting things away, with his son in the fire trucks there to play, I’ll be back, but did not expect, after more than 10 minutes, we have the police, went out until the morning of the second day before I came back, my wife took my son in the dormitory for the night." Zhao Yunsong said that as he returned to Kunming from the red river for more than 3 hours, plus his wife had to rush back to work, so the second day morning, when Zhao Yunsong returned to camp, his wife had taken the child away. "At that time, she had been pregnant with her daughter for over seven months. Her son was very young and naughty. She had a big stomach and a child with her luggage. Later, I called her, she had arrived at the station, and I felt very bad." Zhao Yunsong said. Now, Zhao Yunsong calls his wife almost every day or video. On the seventh day of the seventh lunar year, his wife gave him a belt. In the gift, there was a card full of his wife’s heart. These sweetheart from lover also became Zhao Yunsong’s strongest backing. "My home is in Dali, the mother suffered from cerebral infarction is not good, there is a more than 90 year old grandfather, rely on a person to my father’s father-in-law, the body is not good, and his wife live in honghe. But for many years, the whole family was very supportive of my work and was very concerned about me and never said that I was bad. " Zhao Yunsong had a bit of emotion when he brought up his family. Zhao Yunsong said that he was not afraid of training harder or harder, because that was his exercise, but what he felt most bitter was that he could not see them when he was thinking about his family. Since his work, Zhao Yunsong has only been home for a spring festival, and the rest of the years are stationed in his post, not enough for his family, his children, and his company. But when the reporter asked, "will you choose this job if you choose again?" Zhao Yunsong blurted out, "I’ll choose." Speaking of the understanding of the fire fighting profession, Zhao Yunsong believes that the four words "mission and responsibility" explain all the connotation of fire fighting. (end) (commissioning editor Shi Yaqiao and Jiang Qi) 昆明消防官兵从死亡线上救回溺水儿童 网友称他为“坚持哥”–公益–人民网   摘要   8月27日下午16时许,昆明市官渡区凉亭中路一名孩子掉入路边积水的桥洞中,生死不明。 市民手机拍摄的视频截图,赵云松进入积水桥洞搜寻孩子的情形。(供图)   新华网昆明9月1日电(詹晶晶)8月27日下午16时许,昆明市官渡区凉亭中路一名孩子掉入路边积水的桥洞中,生死不明。就在大家为孩子的“逝去”而惋惜的时候,昆明市官渡消防大队凉亭中队中队长赵云松冷静的凭借着自己掌握的急救知识和实战经验,从“死神”手中救回了一条幼小生命。   赵云松的事迹被媒体报道后,网友亲切的称他为“坚持哥”。对此,质朴的赵云松说:“当时我也没有想那么多,就想着一定要尽力,先救了再说。”   “没想太多,先救人再说”   8月27日16时许,赵云松和战友们在营区内打扫卫生,突然岗亭接到群众报警称,附近有小孩子落水,请求救援。孩子出事的桥洞就在凉亭中队营门右侧20米处,赵云松立即和战友们赶到现场。   “当时旁边围满了群众,有人说小孩掉到水里去了,赶快救援。”赵云松说,“我当时看到水面很平静,凭借经验来看,孩子可能已经沉底了。”   时间就是生命,一心只想救人的赵云松根本来不及多想,他用木棍试了下水深,连身上衣服都没来得及脱,二活没说脱了鞋子就跳入水中,水瞬间救淹到他的下巴的位置,然后他闭着气潜进了洞里。   据了解,小孩掉下去的洞口只有2平方米左右,水面距离洞顶只有15厘米左右,一旦入水搜寻,换气就十分困难,但是为了尽快确定溺水儿童位置,他必须闭着气沉入水底摸索寻找,同时,由于桥洞周边有施工工地,水底有很多碎石渣,给搜寻工作带来了困难。   幸运的是,赵云松潜进去两三米就发现了沉在水底的小孩,他闭着气将孩子从洞里面拉到了洞口,在中队战士和现场群众的帮助下,将溺水小孩抬上了路面。   “快打120、快打120。”赵云松对身边的战友说。小孩被救上岸来后,脸色发紫,身体冰凉,一动也不动,一点呼吸也没有,大家都认为孩子已经凶多吉少,还有人小声的说“可惜了”。   浑身湿透、筋疲力尽的赵云松,仍然没有放弃,凭借自身掌握的急救知识和多年参与救援实战经验,对孩子实施了抢救。   赵云松和战友将孩子头朝下脚朝上趴在自己腿上,用手将孩子口鼻中的异物清楚干净,另一名战士轻轻地拍孩子的背部。就这样持续了十几分钟的控水,孩子腹部的积水从嘴里的吐了出来,孩子渐渐地有了微弱的呼吸,慢慢地恢复了知觉。随后,120医务人员也赶到了现场,将孩子立即送进了医院。   事后,赵云松说,当时他没管那么多,就想着“不论如何,先救人再说,一定要尽力。”   “我也是一名父亲”   “小孩现在医院是什么情况?身体恢复怎么样?”孩子送医后,这些问题就一直牵动着赵云松的心。28日一大早,赵云松带着两名战士来到医院,经医务人员允许,赵云松和孩子父亲进入重症监护病房看到了躺在病床上的孩子。   “他爸爸指着我说,是这位叔叔救了你,还说了一些感谢的话,孩子眼睛里就有泪水在打转。”赵云松说。   经了解,被救小男孩叫小杰,今年7岁,来自昭通鲁甸,在鲁甸地震的时候,家中房屋受损,父母就带着小杰来昆明来打工。   赵云松说,不论小杰是因为感谢他的救援还是想念自己的妈妈而流泪,看到孩子能张口说话,赵云松的心总算放下了许多。“虽然把他救了出来,但是我心里面一直有个梗,我希望孩子能够恢复活泼的样子,恢复健康,因为他们家是农村的,我也是从农村出来的,我希望他们家庭不要因为这件事产生负担。”   据了解,目前小杰的身体正在逐渐恢复,小杰爸爸每天回家路过凉亭中队的时候,也会来将小杰的恢复情况转告给赵云松。“只要孩子能慢慢的好起来,我觉得还是很欣慰的,我也是一名父亲,我知道这种感受。”赵云松说。   今年30岁的赵云松是云南大理人,毕业于云南师范大学,2009年6月入伍,武警上尉警衔,现任武警昆明市消防支队官渡大队凉亭中队中队长。据介绍,入警8年,他先后参加火灾扑救和各类灾害事故处置2000余次,成功抢救人员生命90余人,抢救财产上万元。   在赵云松的职业生涯里,他经历过许多次紧急的救援。2013年“7?19”昆明发生内涝时,在昆明万华路的一个老旧小区,有一名老人被困,由于道路狭窄,皮划艇无法进入,赵云松最终和战友趟水进入屋内成功将老人救出来。   “当时的水很深,我个子那么高,水都已经没顶了,后来我和战友一起,穿着救生衣进去楼房里,用梯子等工具把老人救了出来。”赵云松说。   由于出色的表现,赵云松在“8?03”昭通鲁甸地震救援中荣立“三等功”1次,在“7?19”昆明城区抗洪抢险救援中被公安部消防局表彰为“抗洪抢险先进个人”,3次被消防总队表彰为“优秀基层指挥员”,2次被支队表彰为“优秀共产党员”。   “如果重新选择一次,还会选择这份职业”   尽管现在已经是一名经验丰富的“老战士”,但是回忆起第一次出警,赵云松坦言“还是有点紧张”。   由于职业的特殊性,让赵云松看到了很多的“生离死别”,而这些经历也让他对生命有了更多的看法。他说:“我觉得我们都应该珍惜生命、热爱生活,特别是要有一颗感恩之心。”   2011年,赵云松和妻子结婚,由于工作关系,婚后两人就处于两地分居的状态,但是妻子从无怨言,总是在身后默默支持他。   如今,他有了一个4岁半的儿子和一个11个月大的女儿,但他每年只有休探亲假的时候可以回家,一旦遇到执勤,有时连休假都没办法保证,家里就靠妻子张罗。对于妻子,赵云松有许多的愧疚。   让赵云松感触最深的是妻子怀孕7个多月时,有一个周末从红河州坐车到昆明来看他,但当时他正在出警没法到车站接,妻子就牵着儿子、拿着行李自己来到营区里。   “她刚好把东西放好,陪儿子在消防车那里玩的时候,我就回来了,但是没想到,过了十多分钟,我们又出警了,一出去就直到第二天早上才回来,那天我妻子带着我儿子在宿舍里面住了一夜。”赵云松说,由于从昆明回红河还需坐3个多小时的车,加上妻子还要赶回去上班,因此第二天上午等赵云松回到营区时,妻子已经带着孩子走了。   “那时她怀着女儿,已经七个多月了,儿子年纪小又调皮,她一个人挺着大肚子带着孩子还拿着行李,后来我给她打了一个电话,她已经到车站了,我心里很不是滋味。”赵云松说。   现在,赵云松几乎每天都跟妻子打电话或者视频。今年七夕,妻子送了一条皮带给他,礼物中还有一张写满妻子心里话的卡片,这些来自爱人的“甜蜜”,也成为赵云松最坚强的后盾。   “我自己家在大理,母亲患过脑梗身体不好,家里还有一位90多岁的爷爷,全靠我父亲一人张罗,岳父岳母身体也不好,和妻子一起生活在红河。但是这么多年来,全家人都很支持我的工作,对我很关心,从来没有说过我一句不好。”赵云松提起家人时有些动情。   赵云松说,训练中再苦再累他都不怕,因为那是对他的锻炼,但让他感到最苦的是“想家人的时候,却不能看到他们”。   工作以来,赵云松只回家过了一次春节,其余几年都驻守在岗位上,对家人、对孩子,他的陪伴都不够。但是,当记者问到“如果重新选择一次,你还会选择这份职业吗?”赵云松脱口而出:“我还会选择。”   说起对于消防这份职业的理解时,赵云松认为,“使命、责任”这四个字诠释了消防的全部内涵。(完) (责编:史雅乔、蒋琪)相关的主题文章: