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Las tapas to create a flavor of the Spanish La Liga club – Sohu and feast segotep


Las Tapas to create a flavor of the Spanish La Liga club – Sohu and feast on October 22nd, the Spanish occupation football league LaLiga to ED Wei Xuan group in the Huangpu River will be completed in the La Liga club announced Chinese (LaLiga Club), as Chinese La Liga in the only official fan club. To start the ceremony, the chairman of the LaLiga Javier Tebas, the legendary star Fernando · (Fernando, Morientes); Fernando Mitchell · Salgado (Michel Salgado), Fernando · Sanz (Fernando Sanz) and social celebrities, are present and support. Shanghai famous Spanish Restaurant Las Tapas offers classic Spanish snacks on the scene, lead guests and fans conducted a taste on the trip to spain. As a well-known Spanish restaurant in Shanghai, Las Tapas bring pure Spanish cuisine, but also carefully restored Spanish style. Red and black color is the classic Las Tapas restaurant’s iconic tone, harmonious impact of red and black symbolizes passion romantic spanish. Bright bright red, full of Latin music, let people into the restaurant as if bathed in the sunshine of the Mediterranean, to twist the body dance happy and carefree flamengo. At Las Tapas, the most difficult to resist is the top Iberian ham and paella. Ham slices quietly blooming with aromas of oak, Paella suck enough soup in a pan sizzles with carefully selected Spanish fruit wine, from the tip of the tongue to the apex and comfortable. In addition, Las Tapas offers more than 50 kinds of snacks and a selection of world and wine for customers. Whether it is a small private gathering, or multi party, Las Tapas are trying to convey the essence of authentic Spanish culture, so that every customer here to enjoy the happy time.相关的主题文章: