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Liaoning Qing Dynasty ancient houses demolished officials said that if not all leave also preserved the original title: Lingyuan Chaoyang tile paper: maximize the retention of ancient houses (Figure) once glorious ancient house. News in the end: the Qing Dynasty in the past 300 years should not be demolished? "News flashback: herringbone roof, brick tiles, wooden doors and windows, exquisite relief corner…… With this up with a bang, has a nearly 300 year history of the Qing Dynasty houses roof was defeated, the public and the industry have felt sorry to discourage construction team to suspend the demolition of old houses in Qing Dynasty, hope to be able to retain only the city of Lingyuan. According to the conclusion of county materials such as field trips, local departments: no preservation value. Yesterday on the face Jiang Jia garden in Lingyuan city in recent 300 years old house demolition issue reports, local citizens and netizens aroused heated debate, has also attracted the attention of local cultural departments, Sunxing management center director said, will maximize the retention of ancient houses, if not all reservation will be removed preserved brick. Be demolished old house site. The netizen proposed to retain the ancient house yesterday about Jiang Jia garden in Lingyuan city in recent 300 years old house facing demolition. After Zhu Baoduan, members of the public and users have to express their views. Friends of the bridge: China’s ancient architectural scholars have said that the ancient building is the solidification of music and poetry, we should leave something behind. The flowers: if this big city in the summer, even if there is no celebrity live also very valuable, the house has several such houses, but also in the demolition, but ah. Ms. Ma: the old people often play small, inside the house and the scenery and the outside is completely different, like through the same, but later some houses have changed, only a few still retains its original appearance. Reporters yesterday once again came to ginger home garden, courtyard messy, over the rubble, some have opened the gate, into the discovery, although some housing is old in appearance appearance, but also has been decorated, the kitchen part of a house covered with white tiles, the walls of the house. Coated with white paint, interior and modern houses have identical. Demolition site from time to time there are people come to take pictures, leave some photos of it, after the demolition of what is not." Ms. Liu while holding a mobile phone camera side said. There is a more than and 30 year old man in the courtyard to pick up the tiles, he told reporters: "I heard the old tile placed in their own benefits, so to pick up the pieces." The house is not demolished can still see its beauty. Hours had been reprimanded reporters on the scene also saw Jiang Daquan’s daughter, Ms. Jiang scribble on the wall, Ms. Jiang said, she saw the report after the mood is very excited, specially came to the house to see, leaving a few photos. Ms. Jiang said that she was living in this yard since childhood, a couple of grandpa lived in the vicinity of other courtyards, the late four grandfather’s house and gave the other people live. Ms. Jiang recalled, when she was young, college still retains the architectural style of the Qing Dynasty, brick paving, wood doors and windows, old tuhang. Menjun相关的主题文章: