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"Lightning" boot Li Jiawen onslaught. Subversion starred swordsman – "lightning". Entertainment Sohu attack Li Jiawen as silver core Li Jiawen Sohu entertainment news by the mango TV Culture Co. Ltd., like the stars for entertainment group to bring its Zhejiang Dongyang Star Television Culture Co. Ltd. as the music CO produced, directed by Zhang Xiaozheng Guoneishoubu fencing theme the youth inspirational idol drama "attack," lightning, boot ceremony was held in Jiangsu Wuxi in November 16th. The show by the famous youth idol drama film directed by Zhang Xiaozheng, Chen Yaan, Feng Wenjuan; Jiang Jinfu, Li Jiawen starring, is Guoneishoubu in fencing sports as a theme TV series. The play tells the story of growth and sweat in fencing on the road Chinese college students, play the hero and heroine joined the school Fencing Club in Zhenyu forced helpless situation, but in the process of gradually love on the fencing. The hero of the cold Zifeng (Jiang Jinfu) was originally fistiana’s shining star, but eventually became the most promising fencer. Li Jiawen in the play is superior school vice captain fencing team silver core, and Edward Institute of eminent female fencer white Warriors (Feng Wenjuan ornaments) are not only classmates, but also friends of fencing club. Silver core character lively and cheerful, like-minded and white matchless in the dream, to encourage each other to progress together. Although the silver core class always open the chatterbox chat mode, love gossip joke, concerned about the unique emotional life, however in fencing class silver core attitude for fencing training hard, never careless, strong dedication to the dream to make the character more dazzling. It is reported that 95 after the new generation of actress Li Jiawen attended the performance Department of Academy of Chinese Traditional Opera, has been filming the movie "white wedding" and many other outstanding film and television works. The star of the "onslaught, lightning! Break through the past gentle.相关的主题文章: