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| live notice how to make better cancer patients live late? – health Sohu do not even look at the statistics, more and more people will be a lot of people in daily life to feel the side of cancer, found that patients with late stage is meet the eye everywhere. Advanced cancer patients suffer physical and psychological double pain, one hand suffering from cancer cells erosion pain, quality of life is continuously pulled low, on the other hand, a variety of unknown fears that they are under great psychological pressure. However, in the face of advanced patients, people tend to focus on the eradication of the tumor, while ignoring the patient’s quality of life and psychological comfort needs. Extended life and quality of life should be the two most important factor in evaluating cancer treatment in any patient with advanced cancer. With the continuous development of medicine, the treatment of patients with advanced cancer has changed dramatically. From the previous treatment, into a full range of palliative care, from the beginning to improve the survival of patients with cancer. So, what is the palliative care palliative treatment in patients with advanced cancer? What is the significance? How to improve the quality of life of patients with advanced cancer, let them live better? Whether advanced cancer patients need treatment? How to treat? Let’s take into temporizing with these questions, listen to two cancer experts for us to dispel misunderstanding. Sharing guests Peking University Cancer Hospital Professor Zhang Xiaodong Peking University Cancer Hospital digestive tract cancer specialist, chief physician. Specialty: 1, Department of medical oncology of digestive tract tumor chemical therapy medicine, chemical treatment mainly includes the stomach and intestine, esophagus, liver, gallbladder, pancreas tumor; diagnosis and treatment of gastroscope, 2 precancerous diseases and precancerous lesions; 3, Digestive Tract Tumor Photodynamic therapy. Liu Wei, Professor, chief physician of Peking University cancer hospital palliative care center director of the Peking University cancer hospital specialty day ward ward director: malignant tumor screening and guide, target and malignant tumor chemotherapy to treatment, immunotherapy treatment, tumor and treatment related adverse reactions and supportive treatment, palliative care patients and their families. With a theme of # live # advanced cancer medicine to treat or not to treat cancer patients? How to make better living late? Broadcast time on 09 November 15: 30 live sites Beijing Cancer Hospital International Management Center · how to watch live cancer hospital Beijing new mileage? Method: Sina micro-blog Sina micro-blog "Beijing new mileage tumor hospital", you can watch. Method two: a live broadcast of a live APP, search for new mileage tumor, you can watch. A new method of live APP tumor account mileage three: WeChat buddies, patiently waiting for the broadcast after the WeChat latest push, click on the bottom of the new "read" link, you can watch the playback content.相关的主题文章: