Lol global King Dan number of exposure rate of 20% bronze hanbok game player melia kreiling


LOL global King Dan number of exposure rate of 20% bronze hanbok game player "hero alliance" in the 2016 season today (November 8th) morning has come to an end, in addition to national service servers outside the closed system of ranking, the number of all Dan also settled. National service will end on the morning of 15. The statistics of all LOL servers (except national service and service station, both agents) outside the official data, we can find the extraordinary master and strongest king game player is always the most distant dream, but in the most competitive hanbok, this is the 1/10000 chance. The gold awards above maokai skin the number and the number of bronze and silver server game player game player statistics: even in the three hanbok hanbok won the world finals champion, occupation game player for numerous hanbok, a limited number of top players still, bronze and silver section form the basis of most solid LOL. The S6 season is the first settlement hanbok passers-by Wang Cuzz, 1180 wins points. Professional players ranked highest in third, is a single player from the CJ team BDD, the top 1041 points, from the EDG team Deft to win points in the top 11 in the. But we are most concerned about the Faker, returned to Korea at the end of global finals, no play makes his hanbok fell to diamond for more than a month, last night qualifying 2 wins and 4 losses, the final Dan for drilling 2, but no one dare underestimated devil. The EU and EU hanbok almost, due to the large number of game player, is also a fierce competition, bronze and silver Dan in total more than 60%. The final settlement in Europe is the first to get from G2 ADC’s Zven team, although the G2 team in the global finals in Europe but they lose the first battle, the rule of force is very strong, Zven is also a qualifying lap. King Road and occupation players were not the king hanbok mostly occupation team phenomenon. Us us us service compared to European service number a lot less, in the master and Dan king in October, they are exposed to the global finals of the top players was raging, Faker hit the top ten. At the end of serving the United States ranked first in the United States serving the strongest Olaf called tardzaned, 1244 wins, his qualifying winning up to 58%, to play the field location can be carry. Occupation players, Echo Fox team in a single player Froggen hit fourth, but the old king, his teammate Grigne also hit seventh. Nordic service is the European service EUNE service is actually the Nordic and Eastern European service collectively, but also one of the earliest open server, soon poured into a lot of players in Europe and East Asia, the base is very large. Currently ranked first is Konektiv, 1174 points, for the strongest of the king for the past four years. The main field and the position of ADC, winning percentage as high as 61%, very terrible. Brazil Pakistan Brazil has been the country suit LOL, although the wild card division, but the enthusiasm and strength of the league game player is not low. Interestingly the number of their proportion of bronze dan.相关的主题文章: