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Look forward to! "Game of Thrones" seventh season hot shooting recently, popular drama "game of Thrones" can grab the limelight. At the 2016 Emmy Awards, the power of the game in the sixth quarter to win the award, including the best director, including the award of the top three. The news also let fans can not wait for the arrival of the seventh quarter quickly. According to the latest news, the film actor Emily · plays daenerys targaryen; · Clark has confirmed that the seventh season of play has been hot shooting on social networking sites. Therefore, the majority of fans should not have to wait too long. Recently, "game of Thrones" daenerys targaryen actor Emily · sub · Clark shared a photo of her and the two other actors in the photo Instagram, and tell users they have been working in preparation for the seventh season. Two other actors appear in the photo is starred in the drama dragon maid Missandei Natalie · Emanuel and unsullied grey worm Jacob Anderson leader. These two roles in the drama of loyal dragon. It is reported that the "power game" the seventh season has been shooting in Ireland and Belfast, are you creative will remain confidential in the end the story. However, according to foreign media recently exposed film studio photos of the right game "in the seventh quarter, Robert Baratheon’s Secret illegitimate child Gendry will return, your unsullied army will in Balu Eko J National Memorial Chorten in the north-east of Las Bre as ushered in a war. "The game of rights" in the seventh quarter will return next summer. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: