Mai Jiahua commodity prices will pick up crude oil prices will rise to $70 winbook


Mai Jiahua: commodity prices will rebound in crude oil prices will rise to $70 Tencent financial news Beijing time the evening of October 24th according to the CNBC website, "the stock market ups and downs and Doom (the Gloom, Boom & Doom)" the author Mai Jiahua (Marc Faber) said on CNBC, for two key reasons, long-term downturn in commodity prices finally in the near future will go high. Mai Jiahua said that all this can be attributed to the needs of infrastructure. Because of his pessimistic view, he is often referred to as dr.". "There is a huge demand for infrastructure in Asia," he said in a CNBC program. They need to build roads. You go to Jakarta, look at Manila, where the infrastructure is too horrible to look at." He added: "in order to meet the needs of tourists, Asian countries need to build airports and railways. Aircraft can not cope with such a large passenger flow. Not so much space." The second reason for the rise in commodity prices, he says, is that the developed world will boost their consumption. He said: "in western countries, they believe, I am not saying that this is the right view – but economists, new Keynes doctrine and interventionist is that single monetary policy cannot save the global economy from slow growth mode. So they have to build infrastructure and expand government deficits." He said it would also push up commodity prices. "In my view, emerging economies and infrastructure spending in developed countries such as the US and Europe will mean that inflation will grow at an alarming rate," he said." For a particular commodity – crude oil, Mai Jiahua also pointed out that Asia’s emerging market economic growth will push up its price, crude oil in the near future can easily test the $70 mark. (Yi Hai) for more details, welcome to search public number: WeChat financial Tencent (financeapp).相关的主题文章: