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Marshal: Baer to get a Golden Globe Award he can be Messi C Ronaldo to unseat Redknapp Huiyanshizhu, since Baer’s position of sina sports front mentioned in the new season, Baer let the Real Madrid fans feel very pleased, round after the game, Welsh scored two goals and assists in the summer he sent a note, it is Welsh led the history into the semi-finals. This excellent performance earned him the best results of the third best players in Europe, and also won praise from people. Baer at Tottenham during coach, England football legend Redknapp days ago in an interview on Baer proposed the praise: "Baer now have a world-class level, he has reached that level. When he moved to Real Madrid, I said he was only after Messi C Ronaldo, from now on, he has undoubtedly become one of the world’s top six players. Now Baer has to do is more than Messi and C Ronaldo, two of them from the world of football head pull down the chair." Redknapp also said that this year is expected to lift the Baer Golden Globe trophy: "I think he is expected to lift the Golden Globe trophy this year, if he can have their own a Champions League, if he can in the next game to play, it is very likely." During Baer also spurs, is Redknapp Huiyanshizhu, from his left back position to the position on the left wing, which opened a new chapter, Baer occupation career here, Redknapp said: "in 2010 we were with Benfica for a pre-season warm-up match, Baer used a very short the time from the penalty area to the other side of the door ball break near the line, and sent out a very high quality pass, I have never seen such a scene. Whether it’s left back or left winger, Baer’s performance is excellent." For Baer to Real Madrid after the performance, Redknapp said: "I feel he has changed, become more powerful, to know that in the past training, if he hit it, may become limp for several days. His first season at Real Madrid was perfect, although he had some difficulty in the second season, but Baer managed to overcome it. Although he hasn’t won the league championship, but he was in the king’s Cup final to help Real Madrid beat Barcelona, brought a cup for the team, but also to help the team won the two Champions league." Although Baer grew a lot, but in the eyes of Redknapp, Baer in his heart is still the child: "he is still a child, although he lived on the streets of East London, but he is not the kind of street urchin. He is very single-minded, is a very quiet boy, in the locker room, he would never shout to express their views, he will only quietly go on stage, and then good performance." Redknapp also introduced a little story about Baer: "if you give him a break, he will choose to accompany his family. Once I put him away for four days相关的主题文章: