Men spend 30 yuan to buy some of the results of bulk bread triggered a compensation of 10 times stellarium


Men spend 30 yuan to buy some of the results of bulk bread caused by the compensation for the purchase of food is still within the shelf life of the 10, but the actual has deteriorated, consumers can get compensation? Live in Hangzhou luniao town Mr. Sheng to buy bulk bread encountered such a thing. Recently, Mr. Sheng in the town of Yellow Lake farmers market, a grocery store, spent 30 yuan to buy some bread in bulk, after the home on the morning of the second day to his nephew to eat. Nephew felt stomach pain after eating, carefully break bread, bread actually gives birth to the tiny spots of mildew, and several bread have similar mildew. Mr. Sheng rushed to his nephew sent to the community health service center for inspection, but fortunately no harm. After returning home, Mr. Sheng through the bread packaging on the shelf life, show off due 3 months. Mr. Sheng immediately carrying a moldy bread to find a grocery store, a grocery store that the person in charge of the bread is still within the warranty period, there will not be moldy, must be Mr. Sheng improper storage, resulting in bread mildew. For the requirements of Mr. Sheng, miscellaneous stores to bread is not expired on the grounds, refused to compensate. As a result, Mr. Sheng to Yuhang Lake Lake market supervision rights complaints. After receiving the complaint, Huang Lake market supervision staff immediately contact Mr. Sheng, and let it with bread and shopping tickets to the grocery store mediation. The field of mediation, staff complaints to both sides to understand the situation, and will face before the purchase of unopened bread opened, found bread have mildew. Grocery store responsible person to see this situation, admitted the existence of bread quality problems. Eventually, the person in charge of miscellaneous food prices by 10 times the price of compensation, Mr. Sheng paid $300 compensation. Market regulators to remind consumers, in addition to looking at the purchase of food shelf life period, it should be carefully check the packaging inside the food situation. If the operator is negligent in goods management, resulting in foreign goods sold deterioration phenomenon, consumer rights law.相关的主题文章: