Micro fire station into the community will be built in Zhengzhou at least 4 water supply fire statio lformat


Micro fire station into the community of Zhengzhou will build at least 4 water fire station to strengthen the urban public fire facilities and fire grassroots organization construction, efforts to solve urban public fire control facilities and more "outstanding" fire safety management level is relatively weak and other outstanding issues, the reporter was informed that in November 8th, the Provincial Government Office recently forwarded the provincial public security department, the provincial Commission Office and the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Department of finance, Provincial Department of housing and urban construction and other seven departments jointly formulated the "on the strengthening of urban public fire facilities and fire grass-roots organization construction implementation opinions", to 2020, the province’s urban public fire protection facilities will be the basic standards of the construction of grassroots organizations to further strengthen the fire protection mechanism. More perfect, provide fire safety and good protection for the economic and social development in our province. The financial media reporter Pei Lei Zheng newspaper Intern Ju Fengze Zhengzhou to build at least 4 water fire station "opinions" requirement, strengthen water fire station construction, the Zhengzhou city of Luoyang city of not less than 4, not less than 2, other provincial cities of not less than 1. From 2016 to 2018, the province’s complete fire station "debts", built a total of one or two special service and duty fire station and small fire station 262, according to the annual were 91, 101, 70, to ensure that by the end of 2018 the fire station number standard. All this year to complete the community fire safety coordinators "opinions" clear, to increase efforts to build up municipal fire hydrant. The municipal water supply pipe laying, city county and towns built-up area road, urban construction department at all levels (water) according to the jurisdiction of the municipal fire hydrant "loans", and set up the construction plan, accelerate the construction progress. In 2016 2017, the province should be built up respectively 5972, 4527 municipal fire hydrant, 2017 basically filled municipal fire hydrant "loans", to achieve the city, county and town built area of fire water supply coverage. The provincial government also stated that in 2016 all villages and towns (street offices) according to the requirements of special equipment fire staff, all the administrative villages (communities) according to the requirements of equipment fire safety coordinators. 2017, all street communities, fire safety units will focus on the completion of the micro fire station.相关的主题文章: