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Millet 2 Note price exposure: 3999 yuan after the screen cost up to 1000 yuan after a lapse of 1 years and 9 months, millet millet finally to update the Note series product line, equipped with double curved surface screen millet Note 2 next week and we will officially meet. From now known to the news, millet Note will use 2 hyperboloid OLED screen material, the size should be 5.5-5.7 inches, the processor must be Xiaolong 821 undoubtedly, memory should also have a 6GB top version. The rest of the specification, millet Note 2 supports 6 mode 37 frequency full Netcom, basically able to do the real global roaming. Millet Note 2 conference invitation for the price, many recent news that the millet Note 2 will not be cheap, 3000+ is very reliable. The latest news shows that the price could be as high as 3999 yuan. Judging from the comments of the suspected Foxconn users, the cost of just one surface screen up to about 1000 yuan, the final price of more than 3 thousand is normal. 3000+ start millet Note 2, you will consider it? Exposure source text相关的主题文章: