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Mourinho was approved and Gaal Moyes did not distinguish Manchester United have the ability of title-htc802w


Mourinho was awarded: and Gaal Moyes did not distinguish Manchester United have the ability of poor record title Mourinho accused Sina for sports news on Saturday after the draw with Burnley, Manchester United has been leading the group off. The season is not carried out in the 10 round, Manchester United have to dig a hole. The former Premier League champion Chris Sutton and marshal Redknapp believes Manchester United old poor record should be Mourinho pan, and scolded him for not playing some football style in Manchester United should accept the telecommunications sports interview, Sutton said: "Moyers has been fierce criticism, Van Gaal has received intense criticism. Now everything has not changed. You look at Liverpool and Manchester City, Tottenham team, they have a few miles away to Manchester united." Old Thunder look bad Manchester United old Redknapp also said: Manchester United this season can not win, they are not enough. I saw United’s performance and I used to enjoy playing against Manchester united. It was a fear of seeing Manchester United from the dressing room. And now Manchester United is not so. Now they don’t have the chance to win the premier league." Redknapp’s view has been the support of the fans, the fans in the "mirror" launched in the survey, there are up to 80% of fans think that Manchester United this season won the championship game, only 20% of the Red Devils fans think there is hope. (Marco)相关的主题文章: