Music as investors held meeting Jia Yueting said the results will be used to respond to questions


LETV held investor meeting Jia Yueting said in response to questioning LETV chairman Jia Yueting LETV Francisco Tencent on November 9th morning hold investors exchange with the result, invite investors and managers face-to-face communication, interpretation of LETV strategic move further and other issues of concern to investors. (exclusive of Tencent technology here, Jia Yueting internal letter here) conference, LETV chairman Jia Yueting said that in the current listed company based video, TV, cloud three business on the increase of open Eco, the formation of four major business. This is not a strategic adjustment, strategic direction, core values, dream mission, business model, the three subversion of the leading strategy, these are the same, the change is the strategy to achieve the rhythm, strategy and methods of the two." Jia Yueting said that the next energy will be more on the non-listed company, when the non-listed company system into the business after a period of rapid growth in profit into the listed company. Music as the ecological strategy into the second phase of the early Jia Yueting believes that the first phase of the task as the music has been completed, cloud, super TV sub ecology has gradually entered the outbreak stage. The next direction of change, it is possible that we created this model in the United States, which is related to the topic of listed companies." "The turning point of this change brings great opportunities. This direction, a year ago, we began to fully implement, but the model in the United States first try. From the perspective of the United States, not only to achieve the state we were thinking, or even far more than expected. Originally, I hope to be able to introduce 6-12 in China, but now the objective environment changes, our ecological strategy into the second phase in advance, including our content open business." Jia Yueting said, super TV has become the industry’s first no dispute, sales in the 500-600 million units. Although the industry’s first sales volume is 7 million, but in fact, compared with the music as a super TV is not enough, they sold more is a small screen, and the function and configuration, it is not to be compared with the music as a super tv. He said, as music TV is more than 40 inches of TV, rival products from the real intelligence and performance with music as a whole is not a grade. Smart TV valuable in the 300-400 million units, the first, the second add up to the high value of the user as much as the music TV, and ARPU value is also the difference on the order of magnitude. Music as the video in the past year, the growth rate has slowed down, Jia Yueting explained that this and the development of the industry and the music as their own ability to have a relationship. Network video services rely mainly on the content, so it is a real resource driven business, rather than relying on the real experience of technology products or driven by the Internet model. In the current video site on the four, that is, BAT+ music, music, as in the video site to survive today to do a lot of things are not the same, and ecological strategy, differentiation strategy and leading edge inseparable." Music as early as a year into the second stage of ecology, Jia Yueting said business strategy has undergone great changes in the direction of the ecological strategy is not affected, but the speed and direction of the strategy will have an impact. "If the money is not so tight, there is no need.相关的主题文章: