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My cousin — a new exploration shop cousin – Sohu and in recent years, various Hong Kong style tea restaurant with a majestic momentum across the island, but a boom, but is one of the few to survive. My cousin is pretty steady, dishes on Wenzhongqiusheng, while retaining the traditional Hong Kong style tea characteristics also continue to explore Taiwanese market, have launched new dishes, Sichuan features include. Today’s cousin, the daughter of a humble family has not early appearance, it is a bit more great lady like calm. Today, the cousin ran away from the city of China, but the distance between the two stations of the North thinking times square, although the opening soon, but it is full of popularity. The working day in the evening, the door has already long queues, the store is in such a way that it is multi racket, a Hong Kong style restaurant charm. The store uses an open pattern, the use of industrial wind here to achieve the ultimate, the extension of the line, as well as the action of the staff in a hurry to run out of a Hong Kong style restaurant only lively atmosphere. Here, speak loudly or chewing tea probably are allowed, anyway, cousin, how comfortable how to. > point selection of Guangdong Qingyuan chicken in aspic 156rmb chicken, steamed skin with crystal clear, hence the name "chicken in aspic". Different from the general Sliced Boiled Chicken practice, after a few steamed soup, strict temperature control and selection of chicken produced thin skin tender meat, chicken flavor of the unique taste. One of the friends on the table did not hold back, and most of them were delicious. It is not more than > BB had the pipa duck 70RMB BB duck, but just look at the crisp duck skin with attractive glossy appearance and reflection will know that it tastes not bad. Dipped in cranberry sauce before entrance, taste is sour and sweet cranberry sauce, and then click the creaking sound and a surprise crust collision, face full of juice duck began to spread in the mouth, to occupy the mouth, leaving only the "delicious" two words unspoken then pick up a chopsticks. > boiled fish 68rmb this is probably the first step in the transformation of the cousin. The meal made a circle of friends, many friends shouted novelty. The key lies in all, attention to tea cousin how actually start a boiled fish? Such a change is not afraid of too many people, but only tried to know, really delicious! The whole of the sea bass fish pot, already pieces and placed back in situ, after the top of the clawed pepper, stir up a slice of meat, full of toughness and not easy to loose, white meat wrapped in a layer of Chili oil is more like a hot tease, how can withstand the temptation? Before into a bowl first into the mouth, the fish do not smell of mutton is not broken, a slightly chewy taste with spicy pot collocation flawless, if accompanied by a bowl of rice, this beautiful meal. > 48rmb acidophilus as sour beef I will be hooked, instant soup entrance that the acid strength immediately drilled into the root of tongue. Two tablespoons of drink, sweat out some tasty mushroom collocation not enjoyable, but is still far more fat. > 38Rmb for red rice fried rice fried rice, has not loved. Even the fried rice on the table + cousin home相关的主题文章: