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Nanjing reward courageous: help solve housing difficulties, China Jiangsu net news Samaritan legitimate rights and interests, and how to reward them, Nanjing will be clearly defined in the legislation. Reporters today from the provincial twelve session of the twenty-fifth meeting of the Standing Committee was informed that the "Nanjing courageous staff incentives and protection regulations" has been the fifteenth Nanjing Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee of the twenty-seventh meeting, and submitted to the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee review, the "Regulations" after the examination, will be implemented on January 1, 2017. The "Regulations", confirm the courageous staff incentives, special care and protection and other matters for specific provisions, with strong pertinence and operability. The regulations have been refined on the basis of the regulations of Jiangsu Province on rewards and protection of courageous officials. The rule of good Samaritan refers to the citizen’s legal duty or legal obligation, in order to protect the national interests, collective interests or other people’s personal and property safety, come forward, fight against illegal behavior, or implement emergency rescue, disaster relief, rescue behavior. Including the following circumstances: one is to fight to endanger national security, public safety or impairing the administration of social order and other criminal acts; two is to fight against the state and collective property or personal and property safety of others and other criminal acts; three is to assist in the hunt for suspects or provide important clues for detection major criminal cases; four is the emergency relief rescue; five other heroic deeds of outstanding. To strengthen the protection and treatment of courageous people is an important content of the "regulations". "Regulations" in combination with the actual situation, respectively, on the protection of the VFF treatment and medical treatment of work-related injuries, and pension benefits, employment counseling, education, housing and other preferential treatment, to further increase the protection and treatment efforts. For example, the thirty-first provision of the "Regulations", housing security and real estate administrative departments should be in accordance with the relevant provisions to help meet the conditions of courageous families to solve housing difficulties. In line with the common property rights housing and public rental housing conditions for courageous people, priority to the housing security system, priority to rent, placement of affordable housing and enjoy preferential policies. The families with righteous Samaritan should conform to the conditions for reconstruction of dilapidated houses in rural areas. Xinhua newspaper full media reporter Zhu Binbin

南京奖励见义勇为:帮助解决住房困难   中国江苏网讯 见义勇为人员的合法权益如何保障,以及如何对其进行奖励,南京将在立法上有明确规定。记者今天从省十二届人大常委会第二十五次会议获悉,《南京市奖励和保护见义勇为人员条例》已经南京市第十五届人大常委会第二十七次会议通过,并提交省人大常委会审查,《条例》审查通过后,将于2017年1月1日起实施。   该《条例》对见义勇为人员的确认、奖励、保护和优抚等事项作了具体规定,具有较强的针对性和可操作性。《条例》在《江苏省奖励和保护见义勇为人员条例》的基础上进行了细化。规定见义勇为是指公民在法定职责或者法定义务之外,为了保护国家利益、集体利益或者他人人身、财产安全,挺身而出,同违法犯罪行为作斗争或者实施抢险、救灾、救人的行为。具体包括以下几种情形:一是同危害国家安全、公共安全或者妨害社会管理秩序等违法犯罪行为作斗争的;二是同侵害国家、集体财产或者他人人身、财产安全等违法犯罪行为作斗争的;三是协助追捕犯罪嫌疑人或者提供重要线索,侦破重大刑事案件的;四是抢险、救灾、救人的;五是其他见义勇为事迹突出的。   加强对见义勇为人员的保护和优抚是《条例》的重要内容。《条例》结合实际,分别就保障见义勇为人员救治和医疗、工伤待遇、抚恤补助、就业咨询、教育优待、住房优待等方面,进一步加大了保护和优抚的力度。比如《条例》第三十一条规定,住房保障和房产行政主管部门应当按照相关规定帮助符合条件的见义勇为人员家庭解决住房困难。符合共有产权住房和公租房保障条件的见义勇为人员,优先纳入住房保障体系,优先配租、配售保障性住房并享受优惠政策。见义勇为人员家庭符合农村危房改造条件的,应当优先安排。   新华报业全媒体记者 朱彬彬相关的主题文章: