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NASA the extraterrestrial life could be in 700 million kilometers away but also to have the money to winavi


NASA: the extraterrestrial life could be in 700 million kilometers away but also to have the money to do the extreme cold inside there is an ocean of Europa, together with Hocking, explore the alien 8 Europa clippers fly Europa concept art. Photograph: NASA space Tencent (Guilin) in recent years, the American public to the solar system’s most likely to exist under the ice ocean planet — Europa (also called Europa) showed a keen interest in, or even want to go there to uncover the secret emission detector. In the last century, the traveler and sister Galileo had came close to Europa, to show us the icy planet. Europa is less than 700 million kilometers from our earth, its surface is similar to that of the earth’s polar ice, but there is no air. Beneath the surface of the ice is a global ocean of liquid water, much deeper than any ocean on earth, and there may be life. In recent years, NASA (NASA) study of Europa exploration project has begun to take shape, and the task of transmitting time is tentatively scheduled for 2022, but so many NASA ambitious space programme, Europa project next year may face budget cuts. In 1990s, Galileo captured europa. NASA budget in fiscal year 2017 will increase? According to the U.S. Space News Network (SpaceNews) news, Europa exploration project is still in the planning and deployment, but in the next fiscal year may have financial pressure. From the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Europa project scientist Bob Paparado (Bob Pappalardo) said: "we are in the 2017 fiscal year may be more constraints, we are asking the Europa science project load group and other aspects of the team to take measures to deal with the pre launch budget will be cut in 2022, we are trying to solve." The evaluation group held in August 11 in the state of Arizona’s outside planet project (OPAG) report of the meeting, NASA announced that NASA is trying to cut the budget for 2017, but will ensure that the Europa mission in 2022 to launch. Like all big space projects, Europa plans to get stuck in NASA’s limited budget. In 2016, NASA received $175 million from Congress in the Europa project, but in 2017 NASA only applied for $49 million 600 thousand. But the world is not absolute, in the last year, NASA got a lot more money than the application. So far, the house appropriations bill provides $260 million in 2017, but it has not yet been allocated by the senate. So does NASA require such a low allocation because NASA loses interest in the Europa mission? Not always。 Project scientists from NASA Headquarters Kurt Ni Bo (Curt Niebur) said: "we are aware of the Congress in Europa project very supportive and very generous, so I am happy to say that this is the sharing of government support and encouragement, as well as nasa. Everyone is on the Europa mission, and in the completion of technical challenges and pre.相关的主题文章: