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National securities market: mind again more cautious outlook continued to the probability of large shocks Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries as you earn take can make you my original title: short-term market rebound in the limited space of the national day after the market continued to rebound before the trend, the Shanghai index even closed for 4 consecutive days red, but with the rebound into the previous resistance area, the cautious attitude of the market once again become strong. The author believes that this also shows that this round of rebound in the space is small, the possibility of even a slight decline in market outlook. A series of bad pre IPO, such as pressure, booming housing market fierce suction gold, has triggered the Shanghai Composite Index fell below 3000 points again, but before a few trading days the market has resisted pressure drop, causes the holiday market continued to rebound as follows. First, the recent economic data show that in October the upcoming three quarter economic data better. Such as 9 months Mining Manufacturing PMI was 50.4, 50.4 expected, the former value of 50.4, the manufacturing boom continued expansion trend, and the main index are also good: the new orders index was 50.9, although the previous month fell 0.4 percentage points, but still higher than the critical point, indicating that manufacturing market demand continued expansion of new situation; export orders in 50.1, up 0.4 percentage points higher than last month; to benefit from government investment demand as the core enterprise and improve product prices, production will increase, production index in September 52.8, last month increased by 0.2 percentage points. This means that in the three quarter compared to the two quarter GDP growth rate is likely to rise, while taking into account the government are still using the active fiscal policy to stimulate economic growth, such as a positive response to all government requirements to accelerate the project financing of PPP, the number of listed on the list of the third batch of 2016 more than 500 projects, a total investment of more than 1 trillion yuan, more than two years ago, the sum of the fourth quarter of this year, economic growth will continue to stabilize the possibility is still large, it also ensures that the first half of this year the enterprise profit growth is guaranteed. Second, to the end of September this year, the National Day golden week, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing and other 21 city launched a real estate deal, keep step with regulation in determination, and the real estate market has entered a new round of adjustment cycle. Can be expected, a large number of ready to enter the housing market funds have to reconsider the direction of asset allocation, in time, there will be a part of the funds gradually back to the stock market, and the stock market stock funds and funds will not be in the periphery of wait-and-see, the housing market will inevitably take cover in the stock market movements, so as to stimulate the market rose. Third, the State Council recently issued an official on the positive and effective reduction of corporate leverage opinion is also conducive to the rise of market related topics. Such as the "opinions" pointed out: second to promote mergers and acquisitions in key industries, increase the joint reorganization concentration is not high, the homogenization of Competition outstanding trade or industry to industry, strengthen the integration of resources, the development of economies of scale, the implementation of downsizing to improve efficiency, improve the comprehensive competitiveness, which means that the asset restructuring of the capital market will also increase the intensity, is expected to set off the market restructuring theme; the "opinions" also pointed to the orderly conduct of the market on the bank相关的主题文章: