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The national teaching model: "the teachers are the happiest in the world — occupation education –" people.com.cn pictured Yu Cheng (right) in the CNC equipment workshop before the students and faculty research machining process. Mei Tao photo (photo) in senior lecturer, senior engineers, senior technicians three identities, she is the first vocational schools in Wuhan city with the "three high" title of "Double Teachers"; from basic courses, theory courses to professional courses, training courses, she let the Wuhan second light industry school became NC the "dream team"; enthusiasm, excellence, never give up, her education in the secondary vocational education field training, temper forward. She is Wuhan Second Light Industry School Teacher Yu cheng. One study of CNC technology, become the matriarch of 1993, Yu Cheng graduated from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology Department of mechanical engineering, choose to come to Wuhan second light industry school, become a secondary vocational school teachers. At that time, she still did not know what "numerical control". In 2000, CNC technology is just unfolding, Yu Cheng keen to capture this information. In her proposal, the school bought two sets of CNC machine tools, and in the mold opened a professional CNC Machining Training courses. "To teach students, first of all, they have to understand. At that time, numerical control is a new technology, no one will, no one to teach." In the face of this strange and fresh field, Yu Cheng the quest for knowledge to suddenly welling up, without hesitation in NC field. "That time is really on the NC obsessed with addiction, not dogged." Yu Cheng said, "in order to solve a problem, I can sit in front of the computer all day, Chafanbusi, brains. Sometimes, in the middle of the night two or three points, just lay down to sleep, suddenly a burst of inspiration, I have a Gulu climb up, continue to work. But this is the case, I did not feel tired, but feel particularly full, happy……" In 2004, Wuhan second light industry school was identified as a demonstration of the NC technology occupation education training base, Yu Cheng was appointed NC Technology Center Technical Director, chief trainer. "2005 summer vacation impressed me deeply. The global workshop, night live in the dormitory, hungry to eat lunch, "five and two" white and black "." Yu Cheng recalled, "no air-conditioning plant, can only rely on a big fan of industrial use in the next blow. The wind is very big, the face is like being cut by knife, very dry, very painful, but don’t blow will be mosquito bite a bag." Yu Cheng and his colleagues repeatedly do, sample inspection, inspection, rework, redo…… To overcome technical problems one after another. Lead the team to Zhaijinduoyin, achievement of the "dream team" Yu Cheng "fame" in 2006 March, the first time she served as coach of the school NC contest team, guide students to participate in Hubei Province, NC skills competition, with the team winning the first group, with three of the top three and single four individual gold medals, become the tournament’s biggest dark horse". Since then, the school team led by NC Yu Cheng, all in the national skills competition in occupation colleges, for seven consecutive years Zhaijinduoyin, cultivate a large number of technical experts, known as NC)相关的主题文章: