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Norway business groups to seek cooperation in the field of marine business opportunities – China Net masa-c


Norway business delegation to seek cooperation in the field of deep ocean opportunities – Beijing, Beijing, September 22 Shenzhen Xinhua (reporter Zheng Xiaohong) Norway delegation consists of the public sector and the main industries on the 22 day to Shenzhen, Norway to attend the China Investment Forum – Shenzhen 2016 meeting, and organize relevant enterprises to Chinese, for both sides in the field of marine business cooperation opportunities. The delegation of Norway to the depth of the huge lineup, including the Norway innovation department, Norway Investment Authority, the Bank of Norway, Norway, the Oslo stock exchange and the Norway national oil companies and other institutions is mainly responsible for the people involved, mainly introduces Norway ocean industrial economy, and welcome Shenzhen enterprises to invest in Norway and cooperation intention. It is understood that Norway is China’s second largest investor in Europe after the UK investment destination. In 2015, the investment of Chinese investors in Norway involved in hotels, electronic communications technology, renewable energy and consumer goods and other fields. In Chinese, marine industry as the "13th Five-Year" plan of key industries. 2011 to the end of 2015, the overall marine economy to maintain steady growth momentum. "13th Five-Year" period, the State Oceanic Administration put forward "expand the blue economic space" strategy, led the development of five aspects: innovation and development, harmonious development, green development, open development, sharing development, and puts forward the idea of "13th Five-Year" financial promotion of ocean economy, accelerate the development of marine industry docking multi-level capital market. As of June 21, 2016, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two marine industrial enterprises totaled 82, including 48 in Shenzhen, Shanghai stock market accounted for 59%, 34, accounting for 41%; two, 82 related enterprises and the total market value of 1 trillion and 870 billion yuan, the total market value of two listed companies in 7.62%. At the same time, Norway has been the most important marine industry is the three pillar industries — aquaculture, offshore oil and gas and maritime are marine based, nearly 90% of its export revenues from the sea and marine resources economic activities. 2015, Norway maritime and offshore oil and gas industry to create an annual output value of more than $18 billion 200 million, compared with $8 billion 490 million in 2014, an increase of $98%. Norway as an important provider of high-end services to the world’s oceans, has a large number of international marine financial institutions. The marine economy of Norway is mainly composed of shipbuilding industry, offshore oil and gas industry, marine engineering equipment manufacturing industry and modern marine service industry. In research and development, Norway ocean research and development expenditures accounted for about 5% of gdp. (end)相关的主题文章: