One can make your self more than 50 magic necklace


One can let your self more than 50 like the magic necklace Intro: "Oversize", "presence" and "accessories"…… With fashionable thunder blowing through the jewelry circle, is time to change the style. Since the large items can be fashionable, the mini jewelry which is not red truth? Just like it! (reprinted from ELLE Chinese network)’s 25 years old, from the United States Dogeared jewelry brand Dogeared. Do you have some strange, this was founded in 1991 in the United States light luxury jewelry brand is already a minor celebrity. All the necklaces, bracelets and rings of the brand are very cute. Bracelets and rings are small cute looks from the designer of the Marcia Maizel-Clarke California like to have a positive energy through the rich personality and positive jewelry to the world. Dogeared brand was founded in 1991. In 1991 the creation of the Dogeared brand Dogeared each of the products are made in the southern California studio by hand carefully. The words, symbols, wishes and dreams, to give a new concept in the necklace, bracelet Marcia Maizel-Clarke text, symbols, wishes and dreams, to give a new concept in the necklace, bracelet. Small and wonderful feeling of joy every piece of jewelry is a small and beautiful feeling of joy. Dogeared since it has been, my self instantly changed the literature! Ins buyers show Ins buyers on the show in the Dogeared product line, the most popular Necklace fans welcome, hundreds of styles and the Pendant Necklace Length minutes collocation let out their own style of fashion girl. Choker long metal pendant necklace, collocation collocation of natural gemstones, absolutely eye-catching minute. Ins buyers show Ins buyers on the show on the Ins Ins show buyers buyers on the show on the Ins Ins show buyers buyers on the show Dogeared is a network of red, many stars have it so small fresh style of jewelry accessories have loved many movies can see Dogeared figure: Korean "heirs" also appeared Dogeared a bone necklace "and" 500 days of summer "this kind of small fresh film of course Dogeared to join the" pretty little liars "several women are wearing Dogeared Dogeared Necklace necklace also attracted many big coffee fans, such as supermodel Cara Delevingne Cara Delevingne Jennifer Aniston Anne Hathaway recommended list Heart Necklace reference price: $58 pearl necklace reference price: $46 Wishing Bone Necklace reference price: $48 round ring reference price: $56 Red Rope Bracelet Gold相关的主题文章: