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Opera film "Xiao He" in chasing Han Xin won the scene Sino US film festival best opera film award – Sohu culture channel "Golden Angel award ceremony. The twelfth Film Film Festival (Chinese American Festival) opening ceremony and Golden Angel award ceremony held in Losangeles, local time on November 2nd. CO produced by Shanghai TV, film group, Shanghai opera, movie channel, Shanghai opera director Teng Junjie, Qipai starring Chen Shaoyun 3D famous descendants of panoramic sound opera films "Xiao He" in chasing Han Xin won the twelfth American Film Festival "best film drama" Golden Angel award. This is the first 3D Chinese panoramic sound opera films "in Losangeles last year was the world’s Farewell to My Concubine" 3D film "Kim Lumiere Award", and a 3D version of panoramic sound opera films in overseas awards. "Xiao He in chasing Han Xin" scene. "Xiao He in chasing Han Xin". The film "Xiao He" in chasing Han Xin in respect of the classic elements of ancient opera art, artistic interpretation creatively with contemporary film cutting-edge technology and modern humanism, the traditional art of Peking Opera China radiate new charm, get the rating committee of Chinese and foreign experts unanimously respected. It is reported that in the upcoming period for a whole month Chinese film screenings months, the film will be in an important city on the west coast of Losangeles, San Francisco and the United States and the United States on continuous tour, intimate contact with the audience, the film as a modern media carrier, into the tens of thousands of households will be extended to Chinese opera art popularization will play a great role. In addition, produced by SMG company is still the world pictures drama "ordinary world" won the "Golden Angel" outstanding Drama Awards, "night Peacock" won the outstanding film award. SMG famous host Cao Kefan won the best supporting actor in the film "Shanghai king". Us Film Festival is Chinese national news publishing SARFT film Bureau and the American Film Institute and the Chinese Embassy in Chinese jointly support, sponsored by the American Eagle dragon Losangeles Media Co. Ltd., has successfully held 12 sessions, as an important living American film cultural exchanges, cultural exchanges between the two countries has become China’s national programme.相关的主题文章: