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.munications Microsoft recently introduced its latest project – The Origami. I know, I know..origami is the ancient art of paper folding. So what has this name got to do with Microsoft latest .ponent? Nothing – so it is being changed to Ultramobile PC. It seems that after a lengthy period of guessing, advertising, and speculating, their newest innovation is a portable .puting device capable of running Windows XP and other Windows software. Origami is a .bination of advanced media and .puter technology that avails both laptop and portable media player abilities and has the potential to be.e quite a unique option for consumers with its slim, small, notebook appearance – without an ac.panying keyboard.It is ultra .pact with a touch screen and wireless connectivity. Its sensitive screen responds readily to a tap of the finger or a stylus. Spring will bring two models of Origami – named Ultramobile PC to the market weighing about 2 pounds, an inch or so thick, and being about the size of a large book. Plans are for Ultramobile PC to run a full version of Windows XP and newly developed software for the touchscreen function. Microsoft announced that the Ultramobile PC creates new possibilities for personal .puter use. The hardware, developed but not manufactured by Microsoft, has had input in both the design and manufacture of software from its inception. The key concept is to .bine the best of Windows Pc and wireless electronic media devices. The screen is wide with easy to see characters and bright enough for good acuity even in dimly lit surroundings. This new device will also have 2 USB ports enabling it to be connected to an outlet if necessary and other features of jacks for connecting digital cameras, headphones, speakers, and card slots. It also has a feature of a builtin onscreen split keyboard that allows input to be typed or ‘fingered’ in. It has a 60 GB capacity with a battery average of 2 to 3 hours. This device is ideal for .muters and others on the go who want to use their PC but don’t want to carry heavy and awkward equipment. Although it is a bit larger than an Ipod or a MP3 player, it does play stored music and display photos and acts as a video device showing films and television shows. One wonders, though, whether Microsoft really thought through their marketing plan because at present, Ultramobile PC appears to be another, somewhat larger, version of Ipod, PDA, and other popular devices. Many media reporters and technophiles believe this project to be less than .pelling. One expressed opinion was that while it is not small enough to be considered a pocket device, it is small enough to be kept close and is empowered to perform a variety of tasks – games, productivity, and media consumption – a .bination of Playstation gaming, PC, and Ipod. This new wonder is expected to retail for between $600 to $1000. Research and development continue in these areas, and consumers are sure to be seeing more and more useful software for improving the uses and functions of the Ultramobile PC – the Origami. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: