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Originally these bags and shoes in the show is the demon bear lead: Fashion Week every year to see what? In addition to understanding the trend next year, is to see from all over the country to see the show as the demon star and fashion trendsetter. But to say the show really up for every demon banner also count these bags and shoes, below, with the ongoing New York fashion week, we summed up the demon shoes and bags list is a show in New York. (Editor: @philtre): No.1:Thom bag Browne New York has been the real wear urban wind route, so the real demon bag is not particularly large, and the design of Thom Browne has always been a powerful and unconstrained style in the New York fashion week is out of the ordinary, the other dog bags must be many commuter bag and a stream. There are different cream, look adorable full. Thom Browne animal model Thom Browne bag stay adorable dog bag in fact Thom Browne has been very love dogs do other bags, because he has a dog named Hector, when the autumn and winter of 2016 also made a special HECTOR BROWNE series. HECTOR BROWNE HECTOR No.2:Jeremy Scott series BROWNE series bag demon list runner up position for Jeremy Scott, the Jeremy Scott spring 2017 show playing colours and geometric shapes, so there are a lot of bag shape are geometric patterns, such as triangle, circle. Jeremy Scott geometry bag and following cleaning agent stem Moschino, Jeremy Scott of the toothpaste bag can also fire visual. Jeremy Scott No.3:Alexander Wang toothpaste bag bag demon charts runner up to our favorite de Wang Daren, the last hot bucket bag made a little modification, remove long straps, for short chains and belts, colors are more vivid, also joined the Mou nail and other elements, street van full. Alexander Wang bucket bag series, in addition, there are improved models, the back of the shoulders are also added to the chain, the use of hand posture. Alexander Wang No.4:Victoria Beckham fourth to Beckham in the new series of "small fat", this year to New York to do the show with the designers discuss the like, all bags are carrying out, no straps, is definitely the most popular bag position next year. But now, Beckham the design of the "small fat" is really adorable and fashionable, has been included in the list of the year chop hand weave. Victoria Beckham for the "small adorable fat" a few days ago Beckham out.相关的主题文章: