Over 90% Chinese had a fantasy affair in Tokyo was named the wave of diffuse Asian destinations zhuxianduowan


Over 90% Chinese had a fantasy affair in Tokyo was named the "waves" diffuse Asian destinations lead: in recent years, such as "put heart flower road" journey Lieyan movies one after another landing the big screen, it also allows "aventure" once again become a hot topic of the public and the media, caused extensive discussion. The users of the China affair about what views? To this end, The Globe Hotel reservation expert Hotels provides a good network, jointly sina.com.cn fashion center of life, for the country to carry out an affair around the singles survey. The survey collected a total of 1080 valid questionnaires, male respondents 478 people, female respondents, 602 people; the survey makes people bold speak out, Chinese to view the data reveals the affair, and the men and women in different view. At the same time on the occasion of double eleven, Hotels provides a good network also offer four intimate Lieyan benefits, let you enjoy the journey of peace of mind at ease affair more singles deals! Over 90% users have been put into practice according to the affair fantasy only 20% Hotels provides a good network survey, overall Internet users for Chinese affair attitude is quite open, over 90% users had admitted affair and look too fancy, but few people put into action, only less than 20% users have had real affairs experience. Asked "if you have the other half, would pretend to seek a single affair?" The survey revealed, Chinese higher loyalty to a partner, nearly 70% users will not steal "". But there are still some users (33%) can not resist the temptation. Breaking up with women seeking more male affair biggest cause of the pursuit of novelty is what reason touches your travel seeking a fast food love? In this regard, over 14 men said simply to seek fresh excitement, about 16% said seeking aventure is 12% more pure indulgence, male friends said there is no reason, love is! Different from the male, prompting the main reason women on energy-saving for breaking up with (nearly 20%). In addition, about 14% women seek adventure in the window period, nearly 13% said that the romantic literature or the film infection, as well as 10% of respondents admitted because of the feelings of burnout and partner. The data showed that male and female differences more than this, for the most important affair object charm, both preferences are very different. A poll of male friends most irresistible sexy body (26%), while women prefer humorous conversation with users of high EQ (23% male). But in this look at the face of the society, both men and women could not withstand the high value of Yan’s charm, male and female friends about 15 in the selected object will invariably affair as an important consideration in the standard value of yan. Tokyo is the first choice for men to women for the European love affair about the most want to have "waves" diffuse encounter of the destination, give Asian men infinite reverie Japan Tokyo, ranked Chinese male users voted the first throne, Paris and Rome tied for second. On the other hand, more than 14 of female users looking forward to a romantic encounter in Paris, Hawaii and the vitality of the island has a colorful history of romania.相关的主题文章: