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People in Nanning enjoy a new experience on the night of the mid autumn moon flight-www.baid.com


People in Nanning enjoy a new experience on the night of the Mid Autumn Moon flight of contemporary life daily news (reporter Feng Yaohua correspondent Liu Weizhong Hai Ping) is an important custom of Mid Autumn Festival moon, an essential. In recent years, the moon has become an increasingly popular a kind of new way of holidays. Nanning public Liu told reporters, for a few days in the Mid Autumn Festival this year she went to Chongqing with my family, listening to a friend mentioned before the moon flight, Liu specially selected the night flight plan to travel, in meters altitude close intimate contact with the moon. The so-called "moon flight" is in the mid autumn festival night, take the landing time in 18:00-24:00 flight, because the airliner in the stratosphere cruise, the height of the particles in the air and clouds, high visibility, fog etc. generally unaffected by the weather, so even by the weather on the ground to the moon, the plane flew to heaven can see the moon, the moon and the effect is particularly good. China Southern Airlines Guangxi branch staff told reporters, on the "moon flight" in addition to sit by the window outside, but also to determine the direction of flight flight. Because the moon flight window seats are more sought after, passengers can advance selected seats on the Internet, mobile phone client, feel a special flavor of the moon". Related: "Nanning attractions, venues have prepared holiday feast at your mid autumn festival" Hi "traffic police released a small holiday tour around the Mid Autumn Festival travel tips received the" Raiders "cloudy to sunny Mid Autumn Moon Guangxi altogether this time"相关的主题文章: