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Small area found 400 million years ago since the childhood with fossil paleontology around West Lake Park, people look at the scenery, he was staring at the landscape stone; spare time, people play the game, but he spent in the heap of stones and documents; if you go out in the outside, the body must carry a geological hammer…… 17, the newspaper reported the front page boy in Fuzhou Lin Xianghong, in the Cangshan District, a district downstairs in the grass with a turn, pulls out a piece of fossil four hundred million years ago. Reporters learned that Kobayashi Yoshihito eye fossils, but also from his childhood obsessed with paleontology, is the legendary "fossil hunters". Every holiday, he always offer a few like-minded "hunting" friends, hunt "frozen life far apart from each other". Reporter Chen Danwen photo – 13 year old first "hunting stone" Lin Xianghong, 21 years old this year, net of bamboo, a sophomore at Quanzhou Normal University, is the digital media, love is paleontology. Kobayashi said, fossil hunters, in fact, is a group of ancient enthusiasts claiming that they are keen to collect and collect fossils in the wild, and work together to uncover the mystery behind the ancient fossils. In his home, the reporter saw little room filled with fossils or fossils related things, half of the closet is also filled with fossils, Mitsuba Sa, ancient fish, crabs…… These are his large collection, even just a tooth or debris, he can tell the doorway. Talk about fossils, Kobayashi, off the reel is always in good out of a bandbox. The interest in paleontology can be traced back to his childhood. "Like most boys, I remember the special love of dinosaurs, perhaps this is the source of my favorite fossil." Kobayashi said, and later he saw a popular science book "fossil truth", from the likes of dinosaurs into the ancient like. Lin mother still remember, 2008, parents with 13 year old Lin to Beijing to visit relatives, did not expect just the documentary Kobayashi said that ancient biological resources in the west of Liaoning is very rich, to make the mother to take him to the Liaoning city of Lingyuan to see her children and father also accepted. "In a circle around the western Liaoning, I picked up some Davidson Lycoptera pieces, is the first" hunting stone in life. "." Xiao Lin said. Find the stone far apart from each other that is when Kobayashi came into contact with the fossil forum, this is the Nanjing paleontological Research Institute of China founded, the Forum gathered from all over the country, fossil paleontology Experts Senior amateur, so he made friends with Xu Duozhi together with all those friends, and in self-study and communication. Continue to get more and more professional paleontology knowledge. Kobayashi’s crazy about fossils, really began after the end of the period of time. He was often with a geological hammer, to find fossils of Shou Shan, "look at the geological map will go up, found that there was no" exposed ", is full of vegetation, is very disappointed." He said, in fact, there are fossils in Fuzhou, that is, can not find "dew" (Note: the production of fossil horizons are in the ground, did not show up). Later, in addition to explore the points in the province, he began to turn his eyes to the provinces, but also linked to the field with a few of his age similar to fossil enthusiasts, like hunting stone". Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Yunnan…… He has been to, in addition to collecting fossils, but also visited a lot of paleontology experts. Investigation of Cambrian strata in southwest china;相关的主题文章: