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Postpartum women need to pay attention to what – Sohu maternal and child postpartum need to pay attention to what? As a newborn baby will add a lot of fun to the home, but a lot of young first-time mothers to feed their children will be slightly confused, the young mother how to exercise their own better? Eight note: 1, new mothers postpartum forget inspection, in order to ensure that you and your baby’s health. 2, postpartum drug therapy should be used with caution. Eat some longan meat, Chinese wolfberry, red dates, especially for postpartum anemia. At the same time, we should pay attention to proper ventilation, but should avoid the convective wind blowing directly to the body. 3, postpartum lochia lasts 3 weeks, early is brown, the color of pale, and then gradually reduced flow. If there is a blood clot, lochia bleeding increased or has a bad odor, discharge time is too short or over 3 weeks, showed poor uterine contraction or infection, should see a doctor promptly. In addition, postpartum lactation period does not come, can not think that will not be pregnant. 4, after the beginning of the resumption of sexual life, should be timely contraception. 5, brown sugar, egg and millet, is the confinement of health food. However, brown sugar drinking water time should not exceed 10 days, to prevent the increase of bloody lochia; egg every day can not eat too much, the appropriate 4~6, Millet Congee also shoulds not be too thin or millet is the staple food, to avoid the lack of body nutrition. 6, the baby is born within 30 minutes, it should eat breast milk, which is conducive to the secretion of breast milk. 7, do not discard colostrum". Colostrum is a week after the birth of maternal endocrine milk, light color, thin. It contains the infant’s growth and development of essential nutrients and disease resistant substances, some mothers think that this dirty milk and abandoned it, it is unscientific. 8, new mothers at night when feeding should be avoided because of insufficient light caused by Yinai, blocking the child caused breast nostril child respiratory tract blockage and other dangerous. In addition, there is a child, life suddenly changes, the original social activities have greatly reduced, new mothers are prone to depression. Communicate with the outside world, maintain a good relationship with friends and family, to a large extent reduce the pressure to get rid of loneliness.相关的主题文章: