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Premier Zal Costa scored 2 goals – a 5-0 victory over the top up Chelsea (click to watch HD Photo) sina sports news Beijing time at 01:30 on November 6th (UK local time 5 17:30), 201617 Premier League season eleventh round of a focus of the war to compete in the Standford Bridge Stadium, Chelsea home court 5 to 0 victory over Everton, Zal 2 goals Alonso, Costa and Pedro score. Chelsea rose to the top after 5 straight wins. Terry last season in 97 minutes and 53 seconds, Chelsea scored Everton home court. Chelsea nearly 26 home court against Everton 15 wins 11 flat, Everton last 1994 or Chelsea win. The two sides in the Premier League clash 48 games, Chelsea 22 wins and 17 draws a negative advantage is obvious, of which the home of 13 wins, 10 draws and 1 losses of 9. This is the 176th game in the history of the two sides, after Chelsea’s 68 wins, 53 draws and 54 losses. Conti is still discharged from the recent winning streak of the starting lineup, Lukaku on behalf of the first starting against the old lord of the game on the list of the main players in the game, the first game of the game, the first. The bench Terry and Ba Shu Yayi celebrate the goal Chelsea after opening gradually into the siege of the situation. Coleman area before Costa escaped punishment Feichan down, Conti on the sidelines expressed strong dissatisfaction. Alonso long shots. Bora Siennaa fouled up for Mose. Chelsea even 2 minutes into the 2 ball, nineteenth minutes, midfielder Matic steals Barry, Costa ball, a Zal in front of 2 people into the area on the left 18 yards into the far corner. His first 4 consecutive Premier League goals. After 70 seconds, a Zal pass, Pedro restricted the right of selfless cross, Costa pass, Alonso 12 yards Jin into the net, 2-0. A Zal Alonso goal Chelsea celebrates scoring first 2 goals ahead of Chelsea is still in control of the game, Everton able to organize a counterattack. Thirty-fourth minutes, Alonso left the ball, Mose restricted the right of small angle shot in the first time that near the corner column. Mose right pass, Costa 10 yards before the point attempted header. Chelsea almost forty-second minutes to seal the victory, a Zal corner, Matic header after the rub, Costa 10 yards for the first time into the net, 3-0. This is his ninth league goals this season. Half time, Pedro pass, Costa strong outburst in the right side of the penalty area 12 yards shot hit the edge of the network. Costa Costa scored a goal in fifty-sixth minutes, Zal on the right with Pedro kicked the wall with the former Barcelona winger Zal heel pass, a cut on the right side of the area 14 yards left foot low shot near corner, 4-0. Sixty-third minutes, Alonso left the restricted area pass, Costa 12 yards vacated fire saved by Stekelenburg Shen yong. Sixty-fifth minutes, Costa ball, Zal left the restricted area shot was barely saved Stekelenburg, Pedro into Buddhism close, 5-0. Conti was excited to celebrate. A Zal Mei opened two degrees to replace the appearance of Pedro, Mr. Both sides are slowing down the rhythm. Oscar sent straight biography, Costa broke into the restricted area on the left side of the shot blocked Williams. O Zal was replaced by Ba Shu Yayi, was given a standing ovation. Lewis’s volley was Stekelenburg Tor)相关的主题文章: