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Primary school teacher mistakenly opened the disinfection lamp students eyes burned [Abstract] Panyu District Luoxi Metro primary school (7) class five, five (8) class after symptoms have appeared, the parents of the child to reflect "sore eyes" "skin burning sensation". After the school found that this is due to the teacher operating errors, two classes will be disinfected with ultraviolet light to open. After school children complain of pain in the eyes of the skin pain, it was caused by ultraviolet light exposure. Recently, a primary school in Guangzhou, Panyu District, a teacher found that when the teacher mistakenly opened ultraviolet light, so that students suffer from radiation damage. Panyu District board of education responded, will urge schools to deal with the matter, and carry out the region’s educational facilities safety investigation. September 9th and 12, Panyu District Luoxi Metro elementary school campus of the class of five (7), five (8) classes after school have appeared unwell symptoms, parents reflect the child eye pain, skin burning sensation". After the school examination found that this is due to the teacher error, the two time in class will be disinfected with ultraviolet light to open, so that students are caused by ultraviolet radiation. In September 20th, the reporter in Luoxi Metro primary school entrance encountered was disinfected light five (8) class Zhang Nan (a pseudonym), he said, the 12 day of the computer class, the teacher mistakenly opened ultraviolet light a lesson time, feel the eye discomfort to many students home. "Second days in the afternoon class only 8 students to class." Zhang Nan told reporters that his situation is not serious, but now there will be a strong sense of eye irritation. At present, the school has stopped the students and other outdoor activities. Classmate Ma Dong (a pseudonym) injured eyes is consistent with Zhang Nan, he showed reporters the right corner after irradiated by the ultraviolet light irradiation after "traces on the skin, there is no good." In September 14th, Luo Xi Town Primary School "of a letter issued by the fifth grade of parents in the understanding of the situation, inform the five (7), five (8) class parents in the course of events, the school has clearly not shirk its responsibility, and apologize to parents, and to remind parents to pay attention to the child’s symptoms. It is understood that the teacher surnamed Yang, is a new teacher at Luoxi primary school, is responsible for the teaching of computer courses. She later said that because of their own mistakes in the work of the children and parents caused the damage, these days, their physical and mental suffering, deeply guilty, and hope that students can recover as soon as possible. The afternoon of September 17th, Luoxi metro, the fifth grade 7 class and 8 class parents jointly sent a letter to the school, "a letter to mom and dad for the victims of child cohesion sound appeal letter", which said: "September 9th (Friday) Panyu District Luoxi Metro five primary school (7) class of children in the computer classroom. By computer teacher Yang mistook the ultraviolet disinfection lamp as lamp irradiation for an hour (a class 45 minutes plus eye exercises at the time), the children come home that night appeared unwell symptom. Parents mistakenly think that is caused by the children themselves, while the weekend time to bring the child to a doctor, until September 12th (Monday) the school teacher Yang continued to use ultraviolet lamp to five (8) class children computer class, class 8 children have the symptoms, until second days after treatment).相关的主题文章: