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Not Respecting Your Limit You don’t want to do business with a lender that pressures you into borrowing more than you can handle Upfront Payment You should never have to pay any fees for the application process. If you’re requested to do this, move on. Pumped up Interest Rate Know what the going interest rate is. A good lender will quote you near this average rate. A bad lender will recognize the desperation of the applicant with bad credit and try to sock them with an abnormally high interest rate. Us and Only Us Be suspicious of lenders that don’t like the idea of you shopping around for better rates. This is a red flag that they have questionable loan practices. Location, Location An honest, legitimate lender or bank has a verifiable physical address. Get this confirmed with Google maps. If you can’t, move on. But know that even a predatory lender may have a very solid physical address. Solicitations As in ones you didn’t request. Watch out for banks that send you unsolicited invitations for a personal loan application. Don’t Be Intimidated Because a seedy outfit may want to scare you into closing on their loan. But they can’t do anything to you, even if they use the term “legal action.” If you want to reject their loan offer, then do so. SSN Does the lender want your Social Security number? This is fine if they’re wanting to do a credit check. If they’re not doing a credit check but want your SSN, move on. Signing Empty Documents Do not sign anything that does not have the interest rate, terms, loan amount, monthly payment and other crucial information. Before signing anything, make sure there are no blank areas that can be filled in later. Run if the lender wants you to sign something that’s missing information. Guaranteed! Is a bank guaranteeing your personal loan? Sounds great, right? Not so fast. They cannot do this if they have not verified your financial history or credit history. About the Author: How To Prevent Irs Scams By: Robert Siciliano – Once a thief knows your Social Security numberyoure at very high risk for having your identity stolen. Tags: How To Freeze Your Child’s Credit By: Robert Siciliano – Identity thieves are after childrens Social Security numbers. With this number, a thief can do so many things like open a credit card account and rent an apartment. Kids SSNs have great appeal to crooks because: Tags: How To Protect Your Network From Malicious Insiders By: Robert Siciliano – You may be putting your .pany at risk simply by hiring a new employee. Why? Because that person could have a hidden, malicious agenda. Tags: How Long Does Information Stay On Credit Reports? By: Robert Siciliano – If you are concerned how long any negative information will remain on your credit report, it takes seven years from the Date of the Last Activity (DLA) before the item is deleted from your records (and seven to 10 years for bankruptcies). Tags: Beware Of Amazon’s Scary Customer Service Hack By: Robert Siciliano – Do you shop at Amazon..? Are you aware they have a back door through which hackers can slip in? Tags: Popular Passwords Make It Easy To Hack You By: Robert Siciliano – Your account passwords should be as unique as your fingerprintto make them less hackable by crooks using password-guessing software that can run through millions of possible .binations in just minutes. Tags: Bank Tellers Stealing Identities By: Robert Siciliano – Ever consider the possibility that a person gets a job as a bank tellerfor the sole purpose of stealing a patrons identity? Tags: Businesses Struggling To Keep Up With Latest Wave Of Malware Attacks By: Robert Siciliano – .panies have been struggling for years to keep cyber-attacks at bay. Cyberthieves are working faster than ever before to send out their malicious attacks, and its be.e increasingly difficult for .panies to keep up. Tags: Scareware Scam Almost Snags Victim By: Robert Siciliano – Cybercriminals know that the best way to get their claws on the next victim is to appeal to their emotions, not logic. Tags: Can The Cloud Be Trusted? By: Robert Siciliano – Most people have heard of storing information in the cloud, but do you know what this means, and if it is even safe? Tags: 相关的主题文章: