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Qingdao women’s coach car rear end coach claims thousands of actual spent 100 yuan on the original title: Qingdao women’s coach car rear end, coach for thousands of repair costs, actual costs only 100 yuan! The rear end accident claims……" Ms. Wang’s experience to learn to drive the twists and turns. Recently, the Qingdao public Ms. Wang told reporters reflect their subjects three exam, and with the car coach because of his negligence, accidentally rear ended before the car, fortunately caused no casualties and damage to the vehicle. And after second days the coach but she said privately to repair costs 1000 yuan, shared by two people, and inform them not quiet, give the money to him. Ms. Wang was surprised to verify the driving of high repair costs, and finally learned that the repair costs 100 yuan, 1000 yuan is not at all. In this regard, the person in charge of Qingdao Xingda driving school said that the coach has been dismissed, the future will strengthen management. No surface damage repair cost is as high as 1000 yuan in August 24th, a day before the three test subjects, Ms. Wang and two other students led down in a coach to Wei Xifu lianju. Ms. Wang said, there is a right turn of the three exam project route, the vehicle for a long time in waiting, so she and before the car arrived on the scene, while waiting for the brakes. "With the car coach Wei suddenly said to give me my seat belt, said system does not meet the requirements, I am a distraction did not step on the brake, and coach Wei didn’t step on the car before the car hit. After the accident, the two cars with the coach and the staff on the spot after the observation that the appearance of the car is not damaged, let us practice the car, the coach of the second day to come again, together with the car to see if there is no damage." The second day, the test was completed by Wang Wei coach called off, he said, because of yesterday’s accident, the front car parts are damaged, maintenance costs of 3300 yuan. But he was a red envelope to get this thing, so a total of only spent 1000 yuan, and the money he and I half points, let me WeChat to the money to him." Ms. Wang is very strange. "The impact of the speed is very slow, and the impact of the car before the appearance of the basic no damage, since the appearance is not damaged, the car parts will be bad?" Out of caution, Ms. Wang did not immediately transfer the money to the coach. Driving: someone’s coach has been expelled from home, after discussion with her boyfriend, she decided to tell the Qingdao Xingda school, and to her surprise, driving after an investigation, she learned that in fact end only compensation of 100 yuan, and the coach was asked for 500 yuan. In order to verify the matter, Mr. Wei who is responsible for the reporter contacted the Qingdao Xingda driving school, he said the coach has been driving off. Mr. Wei said, "this incident, the coach did not report the matter of school. We didn’t know until the students contacted us. After understanding the situation, we believe that the coach has the responsibility, the money should be solely responsible for the coach. So after the report of the students, we put the coach dismissed, and fined him 900 yuan." During the training of coaches trainees to assume responsibility for the accident that students in the driver during the training such as the occurrence of traffic accident)相关的主题文章: