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"Red" student arrested jailed for ten years — Society — people.com.cn original title: "red" student arrested jailed for ten years, Beijing morning news (reporter He Xin) because of greed, Tsinghua University student, large state-owned business manager Zhong Jiajie embezzling $800 thousand in stocks, the stock fell due to fill the hole and escape from Hongkong back to the mainland. And as the red warrant the fugitives. Fled 14 years, secondary judge to help people playing the game to make money for a living, in that "who can be dealt with leniently, he gave himself. The day before, the city court to embezzlement and sentenced to ten years imprisonment. Judge. The prosecution alleges that, from 1999 to 2000, secondary judge use as Hongkong cheerglory office business manager of trade limited company, the payment is not accounted for by means of the public funds of $800 thousand (according to the current exchange rate, RMB 662 yuan) to join the Hongkong Tai Fook finance company, for individual stocks. After the incident, the money did not return. The court held that the SEC judge as a national staff, taking advantage of his position to embezzle public funds for personal use, making activities, his behavior constituted the crime of embezzlement. In view of secondary judge by telephone judicial initiative to surrender, after appearing in court truthfully confessed his crime, Department of surrender, according to the law can be punished for its lighter. Finally, the secondary judge found guilty of embezzlement, was sentenced to ten years in prison. (commissioning editor: Cao Kun)相关的主题文章: