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Rocket soldiers near the body of 12 scientific and technological achievements of enterprises paying people to dig – Beijing unmoved even though the body is still in combat disease, Gong Xiaobin still perennial stick in the harsh conditions of the construction line. Rocket troops for a project for the new map, Beijing, August (Xinhua) Gong Xiaobin (Han Zhangyun) in the rocket army a project force, talking about the name of the name of the 26, many people admire. The only college degree fighter, developed "Gong Xiaobin circle coordinate method but it is the only a warrior named underground engineering construction. Joined the army 20 years, Gong Xiaobin proficient in the construction of the skills of the 23, the reform of the technical achievements of the 12. Social boss paying people to dig, he remained unmoved, he said his skill is the unit to, should also be for the army force. Recently, the reporter with the "tell a good story through" journalists into a project of rocket troops. See Gong Xiaobin, the Xiangxi man just came from the southwest of the construction site. Speaking of their own scientific and technological innovation, Gong Xiaobin is very modest, he said that these are the results of the study in the army, no army training, he would not have today’s achievements. In 1996, Gong Xiaobin graduated from high school chose to join the army, hoping to continue their studies in the army. "When I put the army high school textbooks have brought about, now is still in my bookcase with." Gong Xiaobin said, by the University of the influence of his brother, he loves learning, but also hope to be able to achieve in the army. To the engineering troops, become an engineer, is dealing with a national defense project. Five years ago, Gong Xiaobin’s regiment responsible for a key defense project, as the class monitor Gong Xiaobin found in the surveying and mapping work, a traditional arc line method is time-consuming and laborious, but also the error is large, has become a bottleneck restricting the construction progress "". "I have consulted more than ten kinds of technical data, consulting experts, repeated testing and calculation, and summed up a new method for the measurement of circular coordinates. In this way I can reduce the time of the line from 2 hours to 40 minutes, and the error is very small." Gong Xiaobin told reporters that his invention not only popularized in engineering units, and has applied for national patent, has become the only a soldier named underground engineering construction method, known as the "Gong Xiaobin circle coordinate method". From the army to join the line in the construction of Gong Xiaobin, well aware of the importance of ensuring the safety of construction. The construction of a large project if the rock burst disaster, a serious threat to the safety of officers and men. The team consists of timely introduction of multipoint displacement meter is used to measure the development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, surrounding rock, rock burst prediction prevention. However, in the process of use, Gong Xiaobin found that the displacement meter technical defects. "I drafted a report suggesting improvements to the defect of the displacement meter, but the development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is authoritative." After the design, processing and repeated tests, multi-point displacement meter Gong Xiaobin research grouting device not only makes up for the defects of the former, also got one of the developers Chinese, displacement meter academy senior expert Dong Wanli recognition and praise. And the invention has also applied for military patents. Construction of a lot of machinery are imported, the instructions are all english. In order to make more efficient use of the machine, Gong Xiaobin taught himself English相关的主题文章: